Nintendo Switch

Capcom Preparing Multiple Nintendo Switch Titles

We reported earlier that Ultra Street Fighter 2 on the Nintendo Switch performed above Capcom’s expectations so it comes as no surprise to learn that the company has more Nintendo Switch titles in the works. The company had previously mentioned that they were going to look closely at Ultra Street Fighter sales on the platform. The fighting title sold a fairly impressive 450K units.

Thanks to Arison for the tip!



      1. There are re release it on PS4 & Xbox 1 with updated resolution. (Revelations 1)
        It would be for the Nintendo players that didn’t play or buy it on the 3DS or Wii U.


      1. Never. That game was developed by Caviar games. Caviar have disbanded into Platinum and other studios.

        Or was it Clover?

        Anyway, they’ve disbanded so the game may never see the light of day again.


  1. Sucking Nintendo dick after fucking then over with Monster Hunter World I see, still, won’t buy anything they have to sell unless at least one Monster Hunter game is announced for the Switch in NA(ok ok, RE7 being the only exception).

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    1. Capcom has proven they don’t care about western audience, so whatever they create will most likely be japan only for the Switch. Wouldn’t be a problem if they at least did western importers the curtousy of implementing english text like other Japanese only games, but Capcom is to lazy to even do that.
      F!@#’em and their games, at least the japanese retail version of Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker pack on the Switch will support english text, too bad entiled companies, like Capcom Capcom (MHXX Switch, E.X. Troopers 3ds) and Square Enix (Seiken Densetsu Collection Switch), refuse to do the same!


    1. I’m willing to bet it is. The Switch is practically the perfect handheld for MH. If it could do voice chat directly through the system (which I’m positive it can via some sort of software upgrade) it’ll be even better. I’m really excited to see what a MH game built ground up for NS would look like.


  2. Capcom Games that should come to the Switch:
    – Monster Hunter XX + Monster Hunter World
    – Disney Classic Games
    – Street Fighter V (Even though I’m not much of a fan of the series, I know some Nintendo fans are)
    – Resident Evil 7
    – Dead Rising + Dead Rising 2 (Since they re-released them on PS4 and Xbox One, I’d love to see them on Switch)

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      1. I’ve been hopeful since January. As of now, Capcom has announced no major support for Switch outside of MHXx, which isn’t coming to the west. PS4 is getting MVC, Monster Hunter and who knows what else. So I’d say it’s fair to be a bit skeptical of their support.


      2. True,but you can’t assume that it’ll just be ports. If it is,oh well it’s better than nothing. This is the first year of the system and if those ports are successful as well then we can see newer titles.


      3. Eh, the port thing was a half joke on my part. What I mean is I’m not seeing any whole hearted support on Capcoms end so im skeptical. NEVRR TRUST PROMISES.


  3. Awesome news for Switch owners. First up, Capcom should port over Disney Afternoon Collection and Mega Man Legacy. Next, they should look into their back catalog. I’m sure I’m not the only person who would pay $40 for an HD Viewtiful Joe collection. And they should at porting Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. It runs on Unreal Engine 4, which supports the Switch, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

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  4. Here’s my list of Capcom titles and multiplats that should come to the Switch

    Monster Hunter World
    Monster Hunter XX
    Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite
    Resident Evil 7
    Street Fighter 5
    Rival Schools United By Fate Remastered
    Dead Rising collection (with the exception of DR3 of course)
    Mega Man Remastered HD Collection

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    1. I like your list I would rather have Project Justice remade rather than Rival Schools UBF. I really enjoyed the sequel sooo much!

      Oh and Powerstone 2 needs a remake or sequel!



    1. Our hardware may not be as the same as the others, but the others hardware cannot be on the go and at the same time home console just like the Switch.


  5. I just want Mega Man! And not some silly Legacy Collection. I want a NEW Mega Man game. Mega Man 11, Mega Man Legends 3, an official Mega Man Maker, something completely new, etc. OK, now that I think about it, a Mega Man X Legacy Collection would be nice. Or Mega Man Legends remakes. I guess the two PSP remakes would also be nice.

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  6. Ridley X3 {R.I.P. Chester Bennington of Linkin' Park. Thank you for the awesome music. You will be missed. *cries*} says:

    I’m not expecting games like Resident Evil 7 or Monster Hunter World. Even if they did hit the Switch, I already got RE7 on my PS4 & I might get Monster Hunter World on my PS4, too, when it releases & if I feel like getting said game. Still only focusing on buying Nintendo 1st party games & 3rd party exclusives that interest me for my Switch.


    1. Ridley X3 {R.I.P. Chester Bennington of Linkin' Park. Thank you for the awesome music. You will be missed. *cries*} says:

      If you want the portable aspect of Switch, I say wait & see. If you don’t care & want better performance & the like, just go ahead & get it for PS4. No point making yourself wait for a lesser version if portability isn’t a concern.

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  7. Music to my ears.

    Nintendo vs Capcom, Mario X Megaman a crossover platformer, Megaman 11 with Waterman, a new Megaman battle network title with Crashman.exe

    Marvel vs Capcom infinite with Mario as a guest character, Megaman legacy collection

    What we’ll probably get
    Another Street fighter title, another Monster hunter, another zombie game


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