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Dualie Squelchers To Be Added To Splatoon 2 Tomorrow

Splatoon 2 will be receiving the Dualie Squelchers tomorrow in another free update that follows last week’s Inkbrush being added. While the Nintendo Europe twitter account has recently confirmed it, most of the information has come from the official Japanese Splatoon Twitter account. That account states that the Dualie Squelchers are a remodeled version of the Dual Squelcher from the original game that now act as a dualies-style weapon instead of a single weapon.

The Dualie Squelchers come equipped with the Point Sensor sub weapon and the Tenta Missiles special weapon, and considering that it is a dualie-style weapon, you can also take advantage of the dodge roll during battle.

It’s great to see the continued support of Splatoon 2 and it seems like there will be plenty of reasons to keep jumping back into this fun and frantic title for the Nintendo Switch. If you are still on the fence about Splatoon 2, be sure to check out our review to see why we think it is a worthy addition to your gaming library.

Lastly, we’ve included the tweet from the Japanese Splatoon account that shows a quick GIF of the Dualie Squelchers in action. Enjoy!

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      1. Yeah sure, I used discord once for an SFV online tournament so I should still have an account on there. It was like a little chat room that I was in, I only used it that one time so I’m not really that familiar with how it works. I haven’t even tried the voice chat through the Nintendo app yet. But yeah, my username on Discord should be LMAOSHMSFO.


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