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Metroid Prime 4 Now Listed As TBD Instead Of 2018

Metroid Prime 4 is one of the most anticipated games revealed during Nintendo’s E3 presentation. It was initially revealed with a 2018 release date, but Nintendo have now listed the game as TBD at its most recent earnings call. Although this does not mean that a 2018 release date is out of the questions, game like Kirby and Yoshi are still listed as releasing next year.

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    1. Ridley X3 {R.I.P. Chester Bennington of Linkin' Park. Thank you for the awesome music. You will be missed. *cries*} says:

      Thanks for that. That was some awesome music. *replays the video again*

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      1. Still could be 2018…TBD or TBA could be any date. I’ve seen articles mention but never saw Nintendo mention it must be my mistakenly part.

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      2. Nintendo mentioned it one time in an interview, but pulled it back. They said it a couple of time under E3 I’m almost positive.
        It’s no big deal as long as they’re releasing it eventually. I just knew they only used the Prime announcement to hype Samus Returns.

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  1. I really doubt we see the game in less than 2 years unless they want to rush the game and create a mess. Think about this guys, it took them 2 years exactly to release Prime 2, and it was a SEQUEL, so the engine and basic coding of the game was done already, with prime 4 they need to create a new engine from the start, unless they use the Unreal Engine 4, which I rather they do not, it would not surprise me if this sudden date change was because Nintendo is investing a lot of money to make sure Prime 4 is the magnum opus of the Switch graphically speaking, Metroid Prime was one of the best looking games ever back then, with an incredibly steady 60FPS to boost, that was a rarity back then on consoles.

    So in short, Nintendo take all the goddam time you need to create a game that meets our Metroid Prime modern expectations, graphically and gameplay wise, you did it with Zelda after all.

    Side Note:

    I would like if Prime 4 looked as pretty as Halo 4, the peak of what the 360/PS3 generation could do graphically, I am sure Nintendo can make Prime 4 as pretty, especially when the Switch is more powerful than those 360 even in portable mode.

    TL;DR: Realistic development time for a modern Prime game should be 3 years to make it as pretty as Halo 4, the graphical peak of the 360/PS3 gen.

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    1. The thing is, we don’t know how long they’ve been working on it already. It could have just started, or be over a year in development, or it may have started earlier as a Wii U title, and is being re-worked for Switch. There are a lot of possibilities.

      Switch is more than triple the power of the 360, it will look gorgeous. My money is on them using UE4 for it, as they are using it for Yoshi, and possibly the next true Fire Emblem game, as they went out of their way to mention that the game is gorgeous. That would also speed up development time for MP4, if they are using it.


      1. Follow that article to the actual original source. It was updated and this site never changed the headline.


      2. Okey, but I’m 99% sure they said it under E3, even Reggie. Can’t back that up though. People all over the net stating 2018, every Norwegian gaming news sites backed it up as well. If it’s not true at all, someone delibaretly have made this a big thing for marketing purposes – from Nintendo itself.


      3. Exactly. 2018 and beyond. Pokémon was confirmed for either late 2018 or being pushed to 2019. Metroid is obviously “beyond.”

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      4. But Nintendo said it, then pulled it back. Damage done, but now they don’t have to promise anything while the whole world thinks it will arrive next year. Marketing ploy… I can smell it…


      5. In the world of business my boy, it’s only calculated answers… always. Could be human error, or it could be a predetermined human error to make fuzz. The only thing you can be certain of that you will never know… ever…

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      6. The most important thing is that we get the best Prime there is to get, and that I live long enough to see it through xP
        But the team behind this game is mostly a group of new recruits and stuff. Some senior elites ofc, but not Retro Studios. That “shocked” me when they showed us n “Prime steak”-tweet when they were asked about what the studio were up to.


      7. I know my reliability is weak nowadays because of all my painkillers from my back-injury. But on gawd damn thing my drugged head is certain of: I was sitting through whoooole E3 because of said injury, and I know with an outmost certain that someone there said Metroid Prime 4 2018. And Reggie said it in some interview and said something about only showing of games in near future and next year, and mentioned Metroid. Ofc he could said 2018 and beyond, but I didn’t get that if he said it.


  2. They could take until 2020 for all I care- more development time means a better product, and Prime 4 NEEDS to be good.

    Samus Returns looks very promising; I believe that will appropriately scratch our Metroid itch until Prime 4.

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  3. I initially didn’t trust that Pokémon nor Metroid would arrive in 2018, but I let myself be convinced. I’m now back to my first suspicions.


  4. When I see the words “now in development” my mind goes to the idea of the game having just started actual development. Modeling and coding has just begun for the game. Since the Prime games are large-scale RPG’s I don’t expect this game to show up on my Switch until 2019… and I’m absolutely okay with that. I’ve waited patiently just for an announcement- it’s a guarantee we are getting it now, so I can wait.


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