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Ultra Street Fighter 2 On Nintendo Switch Has Been A Success For Capcom

Capcom’s Ultra Street Fighter 2 on the Nintendo Switch received favourable reviews upon release but didn’t exactly set the gaming scene on fire. Or so we thought. Capcom has announced its latest financial report and have subsequently mentioned that sales of the game have exceeded the company’s expectations. Hopefully this means we have more titles to come from the gaming juggernaut on the Nintendo Switch.

“Ultra Street Fighter 2 for the Nintendo Switch had a favourable launch, exceeding our forecast,” said Capcom, without divulging sales figures.




  1. Heck yes. This is good on so many levels.

    1: Capcom will start taking the Switch seriously, and we could see more ports of things like MvCI, a western port of Double Cross, or maybe even Switch version of MHW or whatever it’s called.
    2: If a re-release of an 8 year old game that cost $15 on it’s initial release, that is a remake of a 26 year old game and sold for more close to triple the original price can sell well enough to exceed expectations, no third party developer can possibly scoff or worry about the sales of their new games on Switch.

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      1. Oh yeah, they took existing sprites, and built the game from scratch, completely warranting the $40 price tag. Or it’s basically a re-release of the same freaking game with a few little changes that still don’t add up to $40. What’s the point in getting so technical about it, and crying over a “lie?” Point to the doll where “SF2 HD Re-Release” touched you. We all know that’s basically what it is, your nuances don’t change that fact.


      2. It’s a rerelease of Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge, with minor changes and optional visuals stolen from the otherwise unrelated SFII HD game.

        Street Fighter II: Turbo Revival on GBA nicks visuals from Alpha 2 – doesn’t make it Alpha 2.


      3. “What’s the point in getting so technical about it, and crying over a “lie?” ”

        “We all know that’s basically what it is, your nuances don’t change that fact.”

        Except that isn’t what it is. You’re just showcasing your completely lack of awareness of the fighting genre. A complete balance rework with adding some characters is the genre standard for a new “game” in the series for a reason. A fighting game needs balance updates, but the community has rejected virtually every other means of monetizing the work of adding content to fighting games. I can see how you can come to the conclusion you have about what I said, since you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

        “It’s a rerelease of Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge, with minor changes and optional visuals stolen from the otherwise unrelated SFII HD game.”

        With a host of new features, updated balance, and new characters, making it virtually indistinguishable by series standards as a new entry in the SF2 series.


      1. And what copy the competition saturating the market with a console does the same as the competitors while being not anywhere near as powerful as a pc? No thanks. Extra power in a system is always good but it needs to differentiate itself from the competitors which is why I liked the 360 over the PS3 because party chat was to me the greatest thing ever conceived. While the Xbox one feels like a step in the wrong direction the PS4 seems to be like an evolution of what the 360 was meant to be. And now the switch is an awesome portable home console that I literally bring everywhere because if I want to I can play console games on the go. It’s so different and yet still powerful enough that it can play most new games, though 4K games are gonna be impossible I’m sure nintendo will figure out something. Also I was gonna correct your spelling but idk if English is your first language so meh

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      2. This is impressively bad advice. David doesn’t beat Goliath by fight like Goliath in a giant heavy metal suit.

        Also, since when is “portable” a gimmick? Better not buy a cell phone. Those things are gimmicky. Land lines only for me!


      3. @ Cronotose Nintendo used to be Goliath there decisions are the main reason why they are David now. Besides Nintendo first party atleast up till the n64 beats Sony and Microsofts first party. Most of there games haven’t made the transition to the modern gaming age though , besides Mario Kart, Zelda, Mario, Super Smash and probally one or two more i’m forgetting. We haven’t seen a solid Metroid since prime 3 wich was amazing and modern. Other than that allot of the first party is the same stuff we saw on the 8 bit and snes.

        Portable on a phone and tablet is less off a gimmick than on a console, I buy a console to play on my big screen tv if the portable experience make for a lesser home console experience (power) me and 90 million people who bought other consoles are against it.


        Extra power means more games in the modern gaming age , people buy a console to play games. Me and allot of people that play video games don’t care about the portable part I just want the best home experience with the biggest library I can get. Besides Nintendo used to offer this way before Sony and Microsoft even existed so they won’t copy anything and there first party beats sony and microsoft first party so I don’t know what your on about to be honest.

        I’m not English neather did I get much of it at school back in the day’s this is all self tought from playing video games as a kid and watching movies.


      1. Yeah I was expecting 100k at the most. It makes sense though I guess, I normally get a ranked match within 30 seconds of playing Arcade mode, I usually can’t even get through the first round before I get a “new challenger”. SFV usually takes about an average of 2 minutes for me to get a match. Excited to see what these multiple switch version titles will be!

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  2. Games aren’t weapons Quadraxis I know you think the console war is an actual war but it’s just a illusion created by the fans even southpark touched up on this and what a stupid thing it was to do. Every console is good in it’s own special way.

    Xbox has brilliant online (even though they should of stuck to computers & should have other things besides call of duty and halo)

    Sony has a more rpg feel and a good online (when it’s not being hacked) the psn is very impressive yes you have to pay for online but the perks are worth it.

    Nintendo….Well they have their moments with good titles like zelda, Fire Emblem, Monster, Animal Crossing and Smash Bros( but in truth Sony is impressing me alot) even though i still love the wii u. as xenoblade x is great to play for a few missions.


  3. Ok maybe SF2 is a success because SF2 is the best SF game I ever played. Many people recognize SF for playing the second one, and that little nostalgic formula still works today.

    Maybe one day I will buy USF2 on the Switch.


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