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Nintendo Of America: Metroid Prime 4 And New Pokémon Are 2018 Games

Good news for Nintendo fans as Nintendo of America has revealed in an interview with Venture Beat that both the highly anticipated Metroid Prime 4 and new Pokémon title are coming in 2018. We weren’t entirely sure when either were coming as there was no mention regarding when to expect them. 2018 sounds fine to me and I’m sure others will be pleased. Here’s what was said during an interview with Venture Beat with Nintendo of America corporate communications director Charlie Scibetta.

Just as you get through a game and you’re starting to put your head up, put the periscope out to see what else is out there, hopefully we’ll have something right there for you. We’ve announced a nice lineup through this year, and next year we have some big games coming with Metroid 4. 2018 will be around Metroid, Kirby, Yoshi, new Pokemon game has been announced. We feel good about the lineup for this year and beyond.


118 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America: Metroid Prime 4 And New Pokémon Are 2018 Games”

      1. I expected pokemon to release next year, as there is a new pokemon game every year for a black Friday/Christmas launch. Did not expect Metroid to be next year though.

        1. Agreed! I didn’t expect Metroid 4 for… 3-4 more years, honestly. If they CAN hit a Fall 2018 deadline, I’d be very impressed.

          Given it’s Metroid, if they do need to delay, and not for bullshit reasons, then I will try not to bitch about it, because I don’t want them fucking up Metroid. I would rather wait longer.

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      1. I hate to admit it, but you’re right. Metroid isn’t the system seller everyone wants it to be. I’m definitely picking this game up the day it comes out, but it’s doubtful many of the fans who hype the game up will too.

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||Most certainly because a few years ago there was someone called Kallum that got credited quite often for sending in news and I statistically apparently commented on those news quite often amongst the first ones…||

    1. Same here. Both games are complex in their own respect, they didn’t even have any kind of footage to show, so how is this supposed to work out?
      Like someone else already said, I’ll believe it when I see it. But in this moment of time, it doesn’t seem very realistic to me. I mean, I’d gladly take Pokemon Switch next year, but yea, they’re being a bit too optimistic there I think, hah.

      1. Oh, that’s an unexpected question, hah.
        I actually didn’t really “choose” it, it just kinda happened? Haha. I mean, you’ll learn some English in school over here, but it’s rather basic stuff for the most part, you won’t be very close to speaking fluently with what they teach.
        I personally learned most of my English through games, no kidding. MMOs in particular, where you’ll meet players from all over the world you’re kinda “forced” to speak English with, help a whole lot. Even with broken English, you’ll try your best to communicate and make the other person understand you, and if you keep at it and expose yourself to that situation regularly, you’ll keep improving and make a lot of progress. Especially making friends who you can only speak English with helps significantly, in many different ways. That’s how it was for me personally, at least!

      2. No problem! One day, if I ever get a Switch, (and you if you don’t already have one), definitely getting that friend code. I’m thinking of forming a friend crew on the friend network thingy. You, me, King Kalas, Jaded, my brother, and some of the others on this site. Of course if I don’t get end up getting a Switch, this won’t ever happen haha.

      3. Of course!
        And the crew idea sounds really neat. Got me intrigued now, so don’t leave me hanging, better get your hands on a Switch sometime soon. :^)

      4. Probably won’t be until next summer, when I graduate. Once I don’t have to study all the time, I’ll hopefully have more free time. I think it’s a pretty darn good crew.

      5. Sounds like a plan!
        I honestly think it would be kinda cool if we had some platform to have a little group on in the meantime, like a Discord channel or something, until the real deal happens; just to have something like a community chat of some sort. Not sure who would even be interested in that though, it’s just a random thought that crossed my mind after you mentioned the friend network thing, hah.

        I wish you the best of luck on your studies, btw!

      6. Thanks, so far so good. About to finish a class on Monday, and another one ends in August. Only two more semesters to go. As far as Discord goes, I’m down for it, although I actually don’t know what it is haha. I’ve seen people mention it a lot lately on here, but I don’t know what it is. I’m guessing some sort of social media app or something? I’m sure at least some in the crew would be down. We all seem to have very similar thoughts on Nintendo, so I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t.

      7. Oh damn, nice! I’m sure you can do it. Again, best of luck!

        And about Discord, it’s a voice- and text-chat app. You can have your own server, with the people you want, or just make it open for anyone to join. Or you can join other servers of course, you’re not limited to just one either. Basically, each server is a seperate chat you can just tune into whenever you want to; imagine a Skype group chat, if you’re familiar with that, fluid and really user-friendly, it’s super simple. The voice chat is seperate from the text chat btw, completely optional to use, it’s mainly meant for group communication while playing games.
        You can download it on PC and phones, but there’s also a browser version.
        The best way to understand it is to try it out, I’d say, haha.

        And I agree, we all definitely seem to be on the same wavelength, could be pretty cool to have a seperate place where we can talk and kinda “hangout” in some sense, without being bound to this comments system, hah.

      8. Ok I kind of understand it. So I download it on my phone I assume. We can get out own server through like friend requests or something like that? I’ll look for it and then let’s try to set it up. Clearly you’re the expert on this, so I may need instructions once downloaded haha. It’d be awesome to have our own server for the crew.

      9. Hmm. I am making a server. Doesn’t seem to hard. Although I’m worried about the region part. It defaulted to U.S. East, since that’s where I live. Do we all have to be in the same region for this to work? I can send you and the others a link to the server.

      10. Ohh, nice! Shaping up pretty quickly, really neat.
        And nah, I don’t think the region matters, so no worries! Pretty sure I’m in other servers that are “based” on different continents, works just fine.
        All that’s left is sharing the link with those you’d like to be part of it, yes! Though I’m not entirely sure how exactly the links work, never had my own server. Like, will anyone who clicks on it be able to join, and does the link ever expire? Might lure in some uninvited guests maybe, haha. And since there are no private messages here on WordPress… The only option I can think of that’s gonna make the link “less public” would be to go on some really old articles, and leave the link there as a reply to the people you want to invite. The person it’s meant for will get a notification, and the chances for other people finding it is probably relatively low.
        Unless you want it to be somewhat of an open server, of course, that works too.

      11. Definitely a bit tedious, unfortunately. But yea, once you find me and hook me up with the link, I can help you out and look with you, should make things faster.

      12. Oh damn, I can imagine, haha. Actually, I could help you out right now, I’ll look for an old article you commented on, and leave you a reply. There you can respond to me with the link then. :^) Can’t let you do all the work, hah.

  1. Metroid 4 I fins hard to believe, but Pokemon sounds about right. I imagine we’ll get footage and a release date early 2018 as usual.

  2. If this comes into fruition then 2018 is shaping up to be *another* fantastic year for Nintendo, with undoubtedly more to come on top of Kirby, Yoshi, Pokémon and Metroid (and don’t forget a Fire Emblem game announced that was not mentioned above)

  3. HEEELLLLLLLLLL YEEEEAAAHHHH………man I thought MP4 was at least two years away but it’s very satisfying and reassuring to know that it’s coming next year along with the new mainline Pokémon Switch title. If that rumored Smash Deluxe title or a new one comes next year it’s all she wrote….no way will the PS4 or Xbox One be able to compete with the Switch next year….. … especially in Japan. Sorry haters but you might as well get use to seeing the Switch on top of the charts come next year too ;)

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

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            Just open the light and melt them with your slipper…..

            You can even use Halo 5 to destroy them for not have Co op local multiplayer. They are so bad that they can die from there own weapons Lmao

      2. Yes Commander……the end is near for the Xbot army. Their defenses have weakened courtesy of the Metroid and Pokémon weapons. Their corpses will make great welcome mats for the First Order

    2. Ps4 won’t be able to compete with Switch next year? Good one. You do realize that they’re releasing God of War, Detroit Become Human, Days Gone, Spider-Man, Shadow of the Colossus Remake, possibly The Last of Us Part 2 and many more right?

      1. God Of War and LOU2 may the only big system sellers for the PS4 but those games can’t compete with the likes of powerful franchises like Pokémon or Smash Bros and a long awaited Metroid Prime 4. The Switch will continue to the most dominant gaming system come next year too………mark my words

      2. So? Sun/Moon sold many millions on the 3DS, a very popular system, as we all know – yet that didn’t stop the PS4 continuing to get closer and closer to the 3DS’ lifetime numbers. They’re really not very far apart at all.
        Of course Pokemon is going to push the Switch, especially when considering it’s a new console, it’s obvious that it’s gonna score some big numbers. Though that’s not gonna stop the PS4 from selling too, as it’s getting some real big hitters next year as well.

        Also, I wouldn’t necessarily count on Metroid to move a significant number of systems, I feel like it’s kind of a niche franchise and never has been much of a system seller. It most certainly has its loyal fanbase, and it most probably will give hardware sales a push, but yea, I don’t think it’s been one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises so far. Of course that could change with the new entry, we can’t possibly know; Fire Emblem is a prime example for that, so who knows. However, I personally don’t think it’s anywhere near being as safe of a bet as Pokemon is, that’s all.

    3. Switch is brand new. Of course it’s gonna sell more than the old consoles. I’m interested in seeing how it does against the Xbox One X and the PlayStation 5 or whatever their new console is. That should be a god fight. Well, maybe not the Xbox One X since this is Japan.

      1. Narutard… if you’re trying to weaken paid like Kryptonite, you’ve got another thing coming. Not even Terry Crews would save you now.

  4. Wow. Incredible time to be a Nintendo fan, what with the massive amount of big games coming this year and next.

  5. Wow, I’m legitimately impressed with how the Switch’s lineup is filling out. They are making sure it has some of the big hitters without either dumping them all at once or way out at the middle/end of the life cycle. This year is gonna be big, next year is gonna be HUGE.

    1. Exactly my friend. But, it won’t be huge for Nintendo 3DS because it’s about to reach it’s end momentarily in 2018. Besides, the switch is a new concept for the company.

        1. Right, I’m sure that everyone thinks exactly the same and that there is no chance that someone might think that 18 months was over a year. Couldn’t happen ever

  6. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||You people focus too much on a teaser and a so called connection to time…||

  7. What!? I figured these games were years off. From Nintendo’s E3 announcement, it seemed like Prime 4 just started development; and while it’s not unusual to get Pokemon games a year apart, the generations so far have been spread 3-4 years apart, and Sun/Moon just released less than a year ago. I wonder if this new game is meant to be the start of a new generation.

        1. Yep. Although they don’t really affect me anymore since I don’t have a Switch. By the time I get one hopefully they will have a bunch of games out at that time.

          1. Oh same here, but it seems everyone is delaying everything. Im at a tipping point where I might not even pick up some of these that ive been waiting for. Cuphead is the one that comes to mind right now.

  8. Ok reality check. The next prime game was always going to be a MUST. Nintendo know that this series is a dedicated hardcore fan game and with the success of metriod prime and echoes on the cube and then the massive success with the release of the wii with new fans experiencing corruption for their first metriod experience and probably 90% going on to experience the trilogy it was always in the pipeline for the next instalment ( other m does not count). Nintendo have recently shown off games nearer to their completion, although I think with this years e3 they HAD to drop the bombshell of the next prime instalment to really send home the success of the switch. Let’s see, we have just had a poor presence with the wii u, and then Nintendo goes to work and brings out the switch with some wii type games to attract the newcomer wii type audience and for hardcore gamers BOTW and OMG what a game. The switch has been a huge hit so now with e3 being only 3 months after the switch release with such huge success of their new console metriod just had to be mentioned. ALTHOUGH there is no proper footage or screenshots of this game at present ( I do think this particular game has been being worked on for quite some time ), I would predict a huge show off of prime 4 at 2018 e3 with possibly some more info beforehand. As for the release, well switch is looking good for a while, and I would in reality expect prime 4 not in November 2018, but more than likely November 2019. These sort of games take so long to get right and one things for sure, it will be bloody brilliant.

  9. thenintendoreviewer

    I wasn’t expecting those two to arrive that soon but very good thing they are. Two more core games to increase the Switch install base sooner rather than waiting till 2019

  10. Hmm, I don’t know how to feel about this… considering they couldn’t show Metroid 4 because they “announced it early on” does not have me very keen on a 2018 release… I mean this is a massive RPG game with tons of content packed in to utilize- you’re telling me these guys are gonna get it all done and better than the last games in a year? Uh huh…

    The same goes for Pokemon Switch… if this is going to be a Pokemon game that would be on a console and not an upscaled 3DS thing then a year is by no means enough time to make it as good as anyone would expect… but I mean I’m open to being proven wrong!

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  12. They later retracted this statement during discussion with VentureBeat saying they meant “2018 and beyond”
    So everyone was right to be skeptical.

  13. Fire Emblem Elitist

    New Porkyman games ? That’s Bullshit, It’s just the pallette changed Sun and moon games. Although the metroid game on 3ds sounds awesome.

  14. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4; Awaiting Greatness on Nintendo Switch!}

    I was gonna say “I’ll believe it when I see it” but it turns out the Nintendo guy meant 2018 & beyond. Good thing I didn’t get my hopes up.

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