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Niantic Find A New Way To Punish Pokémon GO Cheaters

Just like Ash battling Team Rocket, Niantic is constantly fighting those trying to cheat in Pokémon GO. Alongside simply banning players, Niantic have invented a new way to punish anyone found bending the rules in their app. According to the developer, any Pokemon caught using illegal methods will be marked with a slash in the player’s inventory and “may not behave as expected”. While they didn’t expand on what they meant by this, images of the crossed out Pokemon have already emerged. To read Niantic’s full explanation, see their Reddit post here.

With the announcement of Raid Battles and the new battle features, we are staying true on our commitment to ensuring that Pokémon GO continues to be a fun and fair experience for all Trainers. Starting today, Pokémon caught using third-party services that circumvent normal gameplay will appear marked with a slash in the inventory and may not behave as expected. We are humbled by the excitement for all the new features we announced yesterday.This is one small part of our continued commitment to maintaining the integrity of our community and delivering an amazing Pokémon GO experience.


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12 thoughts on “Niantic Find A New Way To Punish Pokémon GO Cheaters”

  1. “I hope it eats the pokemon around it in your inventory”

    You omitted the best comment on that Reddit post….

    1. Fire Emblem Elitist

      Why would you still play this piece of crap in the first place let alone cheat on it ? The games still a complete mess no matter what they do with it.

  2. I hate Pokémon GO. They dropped her all so hard by trickling out content as slowly as they did.

    But props to Niantic for doing this. All decks need to have anti cheating measures built into their games.

    1. Until a few days ago I would have agreed with you. But after seeing so many people on this site do the same thing with Nintendo, I decided to research it. Turns out in other countries they use plural verbs for companies. Either one is correct. And though the headline still sounds grammatically wrong, it is a headline, so they don’t always have to be grammatically correct.

  3. Could you maybe patch it to work on rooted phones now…some of us just like to mess around with android, we shouldn’t be punished #hackedphonesmatter

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