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The Pokemon GO Festival Has Fallen Victim To Ticket Scalpers

On July 22nd, Chicago, Illinois will be holding an event called Pokemon GO Fest. There, attendees will get an increased chance to encounter Pokémon, access to special PokéStops and the chance to complete challenges by working with other players. Tickets had gone on sale Monday morning for $20. However, not only did the tickets sell out in 15 minutes, but it has been discovered that scalpers put the tickets up for sale on sites such as eBay and Stubhub. As a result, the scalpers inflated the tickets to individual prices ranging from $150 to $1,000. Some people are bidding on the scalped tickets, but most of them haven’t been touched.

The good news is that rewards that are unlocked at the event will still be available for players, even if they can’t attend the event. We’ve included the official tweet that announced this down below, so feel free to check it out.

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    1. This the reason why I hate scalper, they buy up large amounts of stuff like the Nintendo Switch and NES Mini and will resell them for more money than it’s worth, it pisses me off

      1. “resell them for more money than it’s worth,”

        Well, it’s not really possible to sell something for more than it’s worth unless your buyer is ignorant of the market. An item’s worth is dictated entirely by what people are willing to pay for it. Nintendo prints in low quantities in comparison to demand, so very high secondary market prices are inevitable. If you want the Switch and NES mini to be cheaper, the only ones who can fix that are the ones who aren’t printing to demand, Nintendo.

    1. Free country is free country. You can’t dictate to people what price to sell their own property for. Now what you can do is the event hosts can have you sign an agreement at purchase for no reselling.

      1. SAys a scalper only people that try to suger coat there reasons , doesn’t mean people will hate them (including u) any less, justify the reason they do it , nor mAkes it right .

      2. There’s plenty of warnings that tickets are not transferable or resellable. The only difference is they use the internet to exchange, while if you sell at the venue you’ll be stopped.

  1. “Some people are bidding on the scalped tickets, but most of them haven’t been touched.”

    So the problem will sort itself out, as scalpers can only exist when demand greatly exceeds the original retail asking price.

  2. I mean if anyone is actually willing to pay those scalper prices they deserve to be charged that much. Hate those dam scalpers tho!! before I get accused of supporting them lol

  3. speaking of scalping, i had purchased a few items that was worth more that it should and felt a bit salty, some more that others. one was fire emblem fates special edition, paid $160 for the game, case, and box art (that i was a bit salty and i could have purchased it at gamestop for more than half the price but whatever), the second was phantasy star online i and ii plus for gcn, paid about $100, i wanted one cheaper but could never find one and that was the cheapest, a bit salty but im fine with it, the next one is a small amount of salt but i really needed it and that item was the super mario maker wii u bundle brand new, original price is $300, i paid exactly $100 more, that one i will let go because like i said i needed a literal new one to replace my old one that i had since launch, still works and i transferred all of the data including my account. normally i wouldn’t be as happy for paying more that what its worth but i am. the others while happy that i got them, am not happy with the price but its worth it in a sense. btw these were ebay purchases. i also could have gotten that super mario maker wii u bundle at the walmart i work at but i missed my chance as i did not had enough money to purchase it and by the time next payday rolled it was gone, i could have paid less even with taxes and i could have save even more with the employee discount card (10%) but i digress. i hate scalpers as much as the next guy/gal but look at it this way, not all of them are evil ones, some of them charge slightly more than the value.

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