Nintendo Switch

Phantom Trigger Passes Certification, Release Date Coming Soon

Phantom Trigger, a game that Tinybuild has described as a “Hardcore Neon Slasher”, has passed certification. The developer also says that we should hear of a release date very soon so we will let you know as soon as it is confirmed. You can check out some footage of Phantom Trigger on Nintendo Switch in their Tweet below.




  1. Tinybuild REALLY needs to being Lovely Planet and Lovely Planet Arcade to the Switch!

    I have [and adore] these games on the PC (where I’m running them in 4K max anti-aliasing), but I sure would love to be able to take these guys on the go with me (even if only in 720p undocked)!

    Such charming, and adorable, yet fun and challenging games!! Plus, some of the first games I got into upon my return to PC gaming in early 2016, so already nostalgic and sentimentally charged.

    Get Quick Tequila on the horn, Tinybuild, and make this happen! :-)


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