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Cave Story+ Switch Gets First Patch Adding Classic Visuals

Cave Story+ for the Nintendo Switch has now had its first patch, which has brought the option to change to retro classic visuals.

The title already had the option to switch between music that has featured over the course of the series, but some fans were disappointed that they were not able to switch to classic graphics. The new patch has given fans what they would like to see, and the title will receive more updates in the future.

What would you like to see in future patch releases?



10 thoughts on “Cave Story+ Switch Gets First Patch Adding Classic Visuals”

      1. It’s a decent metroidvania style game. I finally beat it the other day on the switch. If you get the physical version it brings the soundtrack on a mini disk and nice booklet. Overall it took me about 10 hours to finish it more or less depending on difficulty. Theres different modes to play so that can extend playtime as well. Pretty light on story but it’s worth a playthrough. If you absolutely need a new game for switch get it on there or if u want the nice physical box get it for switch but otherwise it’s really cheap on any other platform. Oh, and I think they announced a multiplayer mode for switch, as of now it’s not implemented yet, not sure if its exclusive or not though.

  1. This makes me think of an unlock that would be awesome in Smash. Beating the hardest challenge (which in 4 was 9.0 no lives lost) and that would unlock “Retro Mode.” This makes everyone look as they would on the N64, and items become billboards.

  2. Wait, this version of Cave Story didn’t have the classic graphics Day 1?

    Preposterous! Blasphemous! Nonsensical! Even Ultra Street Fighter II let you swap between new, HD sprites and the old pixel sprites on launch, and that game costs 10 bucks more and is by a company whose reputation is declining!

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