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Virtuos Is Porting A High Profile Title To The Nintendo Switch

With the incredible success of the Nintendo Switch it’s only a matter of time before developers start bringing AAA titles to the platform. One such developer is Virtuos who were responsible for the Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection, Batman: Return to Arkham and the recent Final Fantasy remasters. The information was spotted on an employee’s linked in profile. There’s no hints regarding which franchise the port is from but it’s destined for the Nintendo Switch and that’s all that matters.


Thanks to Johnny Nagle for the tip!


14 thoughts on “Virtuos Is Porting A High Profile Title To The Nintendo Switch”

  1. Yeah, it was reported that the only thing that doctre81 can do is to check LinkedIn.

    Remember when metaldave (if i am not wrong) ‘leaked’ the switch specs based on LinkedIn profiles.

  2. I may sound like a massive fan here guys… but I always dreamed of playing FFX and FFXII on a Nintendo console, it would feel like meeting an old friend once again, so I hope is the FF’s remakes, one can dream.

  3. The Switch could use some other old high profile ports like Skyrim. Remember all the NES and SNES games the came to the GBA and DS? Now imagine the same thing but for PS3 and 360 ported to Switch.

    1. The switch needs new games not just ports people have already played! Yes it’s good to see support but ports of old titles from old consoles? OK th idea sounds good but the majority of games are thigns you probably played to death already so instead of that why dont devs just translate japan only games and bring them over instead? Beyond the Labrynth Rematered Gundam the 3ds Battle Remastered, Ex troopers Remastered (that i’d play in a heart beat!) Time Travelers which was a japanese only title. Hell maybe even try putting more rythym games on the switch and not rehash old things. I realize i’m going against my morals as a retro gamer but you can have too much of a good thing and all these ports are proof of that.

  4. They have to poor salt into my wounds by mentioning Assassin’s Creed. The one franchise/series that most likely won’t be appearing on the Switch (and for no good reason). Sometimes I regret the fact that I fell in love with that series. It’s the reason I bought a PS3 and PS4. *sigh*

  5. If Virtuos were to port Final Fantasy X-2 or XI for the Switch, everyone would be crying joyfully to see its return to the Nintendo system since the beginning of the series on the NES 27 years ago.

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