Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s Only Supplier Of Switch Screens Is Slashing Its Workforce

Disappointing news today as the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Japan Display, who is the sole supplier for the screens behind the Nintendo Switch, is slashing its workforce by 30 percent. The reason for this is due to significant losses in recent times. The company has apologised for the poor management of the company and says that a drastic restructuring is due to take place as soon as possible.




  1. Don’t think it would cut down the number of produced Switches. But those screens are crap. Almost all of my friends, and myself included, have had service because of the screen. From dead pixels to flickering.


      1. Dead pixles day one. Changed got a new screen with 1 more dead pixle and one sand particle xP Just read on the net. Looooots of issues. Playing 99% handheld because it’s a handheld :P


      2. I have read the issues but I was curious to see if it was because of play as a handheld. I haven’t actually asked someone that question because I personally do not have a dead pixel in mine.
        I don’t play mine as a handheld because I like how it looks on a bigger screen, but that is my personal preference. I probably have used it as a 10% handheld device.

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      1. I managed to erase one dead pixle by pressing gently on it. I almost only play handheld, and my unit still got warped from heating. I can lay it on a flat surface and it will bounce to the left and right xD I hate the build quality.


      2. There was a video that brought good points that the units were likely already bent out of the box due to a manufacturing error during cooling the plastic shell.


      3. They also said if it was getting hot enough to warp the plastic more than likely it wouldn’t stop there. You would also be able to imprint your fingerprints into it if it was that hot.


      4. I was a boy scout for 10 years, and I’ve burned a lot of stuff true the ages because, let’s be real, all boy scout are pyromaniacs. THAT sounded wrong. CDs can bend in sunlight trough the window… Weaker heat-sources over time can mess things up real bad.


      5. And when plastic heats up enough to bend any pressure will leave a print on it that will stay once its cooled. I have reason to believe the video because my Switch also has a slight bend in it but it hasn’t gotten any worse since I first noticed it months ago.


      6. It’s probably what you’re saying. I won’t deny that. But bet my… shirt? Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast that’s possible for the Switch to bend from the heat. I can’t say it’s gotten worse, but I suddenly noticed my Switch didn’t go down in the dock as easily as in the beginning. If it was somehow misshapen, pressured more flat in the production, then the heat could inflict some warping/bending. Only theorising, but I’ve seen stuff been damage from heat, even seen PC-parts bend from heat, and it didn’t melt. Yeah, yeah they’re hotter I know, but still. Commander here did bend the Switch flat himself… So… yeah. I will just end it with Ninty could made them better — or less rushed.

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