Check Out This Next Gen N64 Controller

21 years ago the Nintendo 64 launched and although it proved to be popular with gamers with its groundbreaking visuals, the unconventional (and awesome) N64 controller was a big talking point; it was certainly very different. Fast forward to today and someone has taken the liberty to redesign it – and it has already smashed its $13,000 stretch goal on Kickstarter. With just under a month to go until funding for the project comes to a close, at the time of writing a total of $72,000 has been pledged for the ‘Next Gen N64 Nintendo 64 Controller’ which is being created by Retro Fighters. The creators promise a USB version down the line but for now, you can get yours for $20 with an expected delivery of November this year.

Check out some more info about the controller and pledge your support here.

And yes… Rumble Paks and Memory cards are compatible!



  1. it looks like a modded Switch Pro Controller and looks like it it doesn’t have the HD rumble, NFC reader, gyro and accelerometer. for $20 it sounds nice and it is USB so i may actually pledge.

  2. The question is, will the joystick actually work? Non-Nintendo controllers for the N64 are all terrible and their sticks never work well. If this controller feels and works really well, I’ll definitely have to get one! But I will say that joystick looks pretty uncomfortable… like an old PS controller… not a fan… I wish it was more like the Gamecube stick

  3. “although it proved to be popular with gamers with its groundbreaking visuals”

    Not really. It lost its console generation flat out, and saw a marked step down in sales for its major franchises that appeared on the console. Mario 64, for all its continued hype and nostaliga goggles, pushed Mario out of the mainstream. Nintendo fans encouraging Nintendo to follow proven failing design and sales strategies is what leads to disasters like the Wii U, which ran most of its sales strategy off of remakes and sequels to gamecube games which themselves failed to sell the gamecube.

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