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Nintendo Prepares For Gamescom 2017

Gamescom is taking place towards the end of the month and naturally Nintendo wants to make a big impression. The company has already begun assembling their demo units ready for the show and there’s going to be some fantastic titles available for attendees to get hands-on with including Super Mario Odyssey and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. It looks set to be a great show this year and as always we will be keeping you up to date with any announcements and activities.



16 thoughts on “Nintendo Prepares For Gamescom 2017”

  1. Unless Gamevice wins that lawsuit. They’re wanting an actual jury to this lawsuit and you know how juries are, they see one similarity and no more Switch!

    1. They’re probably after royalties, even if they had chance to win, they would rather take money than block Switch sales.
      That is what you do when you yourself don’t have the means to make a working/selling product.

        1. To make pressure, they have nothing, and if they ever could make this fly, they’d most definitely rather take some money than no money.

      1. How do you know they won’t win? But, a friend on Deviantart has an older sister that took law studies in school and she did say Gamevice is screwed after he asked her through a legal prospective about it.

        1. Listen, I will explain this only one time. Did you know how much time the Nintendo Switch is released? 5 months ago, ok?

          Nintendo on January showed a sort of Direct for let people know what the Switch can do, also showing the potential of the joycons.

          Now the question is this: Why Gameshit Gamevice didn’t do this stupid lawsuit control ecc on their product back in January or in March? They sleeped on these 5 months?

          Now they wake up one day and say, Oh look Nintendo copied our WikiPad, let’s do a lawsues on it.

          Please you make this joke on these days when people are saying that the wikipad is in real a sort of Wii U for tablets.

          Just as I said in older comments, the joycons are conpletely different as hardware and also they can use the bluetooth for comunicate with the Switch. This Wikipad can’t do this, so end of the story.

          Gamevice wants to give money to Nintendo but in a way very badly.

      2. OK. I’m already assured they won’t lose. Nintendo that is. A friend on Deviantart has a sister who took law study classes in school and she said Gamevice is screwed in this.

      3. Out of the millions of cases that vultures had made against Nintendo trying to profit on fake copyright claims, Nintendo has lost next to none. History is against Gamevice, they are just another crappy vulture that don’t have the power to hurt but is desperately seeking money.

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