Merchoid: SNES Classic Hoodie And Accessory Range Revealed

Following up on last month’s NES Classic Hoodie, Merchoid (the videogame merchandise specialist), have now revealed the SNES Classic Hoodie. The hoodie will coincide with the release of the SNES Classic Mini. Based on the European and Japanese versions of the early 90s console, this hoodie takes its inspiration from the console’s greytone colour scheme with added body paneling on the shoulder and arms, as well as the instantly recognizable SNES logo on the chest.

Merchoid’s Community Manager Jessica Adams says of the new hoodie “Who doesn’t remember the golden age of 16-bit gaming and the almighty console war between Nintendo and Sega for gaming supremacy? Battlelines were drawn, households divided, best friends torn apart as you decided whether you stood with a ring collecting, blue speed demon or a friendly Italian plumber.”

Also revealed today was the Nintendo: SNES Controller Wallet. Modeled after the compact gaming pad, the bifold wallet has a wrap around design with 3D detailing on the controller buttons. Inside there is ample space to store cards, notes as well as a zipped coin compartment for any loose change.

Jessica says; “What does your wallet say about you? This handy compact wallet will declare to the world your gaming pedigree. However, you may find yourself buying more than usual just to increase the number of times you show it off.”

Other additions to the SNES range include the SNES Controller Cap and SNES Controller Keyring.

The SNES Classic Hoodie’ as well as the SNES Controller Keyring, SNES Controller Rubber Patch Cap and Nintendo: SNES Controller Bifold Wallet are available to preorder from now.

Key features of ‘Nintendo: SNES Classic Hoodie’ and SNES accessory range

Source: PR



  1. There’s no place in this world for the big man. And I’m not even nearly as big as many I see. Why do I so rarely see 3X sizes (Target especially sucks for that reason)? Walmart and Kmart are the only stores I know of where I sometimes find big man sizes. Though Walmart’s are never long enough. I like LONG shirts. Not shirts that barely pass the waist.


    1. It probably depends on where the production company is located.
      In most part of the world you find a lot less large individuals than you do in Europe and especially America (I am talking about percentages here).

      Or it can simply be that something rather niche, as Merchtroid’s range is, does not sell well relative to standard shirts. Therefore they have to play it safe by only selling the more common sizes, so that they do not loose money.

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