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Pokémon Gold And Silver For Nintendo 3DS Getting Boxed Editions With Download Code

Nintendo Europe has confirmed today that the much loved Pokémon Gold and Silver for Nintendo 3DS will be available as boxed editions. The boxed edition will also come with a download code for you to redeem on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Pokémon Gold and Silver will be released September 22nd.




      1. If a playthrough takes 30-40 hours, that’s less than a quarter an hour for entertainment. That’s cheap by any standard. There’s no arbitrary “correct value” for a game by what platform it’s for.

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  1. What’s the point if there isn’t an actual physical cartridge in the boxed version!? You might as well just download it from the damn eshop! These morons just don’t understand why physical games are still important! Physical media allows for games to be stored away without risk of losing the the games due to passing time, whch sega experienced first hand when those morons had to resort to using roms to get the data they lost! Once the console can no longer be used and the system is nolonger manufactured or in stock anymore those digital only games are lost forever, games like Hard Corps: Uprising and Moon Diver, which are great games we may never see again due to digital only crap!

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    1. Finally. I thought I was the only one! People are getting excited for “air” in a box! U don’t even get the game.. Lol this is weird .

      Might as well make it a DIY project and make your own box.lol

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    2. This isn’t catering the “physical” games buyer, it is catering to the digital buyer who like to have boxes on display. eShop R/B/Y were digital only and had no physical release at all. Why do this you may ask? Why have a box with no card or disc? Seems like a waste of space? Well, being someone who will be buying this box with codes inside I can tell you it is nice having them on display like you would if they were discs inside. It’s the same exact end result, looking at a shelf of boxes where you can’t see whats inside anyway.

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  2. You kinda feel ripped off, even if you know this targets collectors…
    It’s just like some of the Amiiboes. You empty shells Ninty is using to make a fast buck on OCD-collectors. This kind of feel like a step in the wrong direction.


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