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Digital Foundry Takes On Monster Hunter XX For Nintendo 3DS And Switch

The team over at Digital Foundry have taken an investigative look at Monster Hunter XX for both the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch to see how the versions compare. The team report that there’s significant improvements across the board on the Nintendo Switch version which is currently a Japanese only release with no mention of localisation as of yet. If you’re interested then watch the informative video, below.



  1. The youtube video comment section is being raided hard by Sony fans, even when there only positive things to say about the game in the video, leave positive feedback if you guys can, someone posted the video on 4chan and now is being painted negatively.


    1. Who cares about them.. .. They are only but hurt that the Switch outsold the PS4 last month and that XX has a good chance of outselling MH world as monster hunter games perform better on portables.. . Which a Switch can become whenever it wants


  2. It looks pretty good considering it’s a 3ds port. Obviously, it’s not going to show what the Switch is capable of graphics wise, it’s still fundamentally limited by the power of the 3ds, but overall it looks decent.


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