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Nintendo UK Will Hold Splatoon 2 Championship Next Month At EGX

Get your best splat gear ready as Nintendo UK has announced that a Splatoon 2 Championship will take place next month for fans. Eight teams of four players will qualify for the finals when they are held at EGX 2017 in September. For anybody who can’t make it, the event will be streamed live on the Nintendo UK Twitch Channel.

The winning team will be congratulated live and offered a collection of Splatoon-themed merchandise as their reward, as well as a trophy and a champion’s jersey, both of which are exclusive to the event. So if you think you have what it takes, or can’t resist the goodies on sale, then make sure you are free September 21st -24th for the finals.

For UK fans, the first chance to qualify for the tournament is at Insomnia61, held at the Birmingham NEC this weekend,  and win their mini splat-off to make it through to the finals. But if you can’t make it, there are still seven other chances to qualify for the competition. Three teams will be chosen by Esports network ESL with competitions being held in September. All you have to do is sign up to their website, follow the instructions and join games on the given dates. Remember though, EGX is your last chance to qualify for the championship finals.


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