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Check Out These SNES Mini Feature Trailers

There’s undoubtedly a huge amount of hype surrounding the release of the much–anticipated SNES Mini. To further whet peoples appetite, Nintendo US and Nintendo UK have both uploaded feature trailers showing off what the console can do.

One useful feature is Rewind. This feature lets players rewind their gameplay to retry tricky sections, pick up missed items or simply run through an area again to see if anything was missed. In addition, you can also change the frame on the screen that’s wrapped around the game you’re playing. Check out the feature trailers below – which one is your favourite?

16 thoughts on “Check Out These SNES Mini Feature Trailers”

    1. There were pre-orders. Best Buy had them up late at night, Amazon stealthily had it early morning, Walmart had it for roughly a minute around 1:00 PM EDT, and Target had it for roughly 30 seconds around 1:20 PM EDT.

      1. If it makes you feel better, in store release is apparently gonna be bigger. And Toys R Us didn’t do pre orders at all, so you can maybe count on them to have them in store. There is also the prime exclusive.

      2. Unfortunately there’s not a single Toys R Us within a 100 mile radius within my area. It was extremely aggravating when they used to do Pokemon events exclusive to the store.

  1. Already sold out. Impossible to get any unless you pay 3 times the price and more on Ebay. Well done again, Nintendo!

    Not even talking about Quebec customers: The SNES classic is forbidden from pre-order from the government itself because it does not comply to language laws…

    1. It wouldn’t be that bad if this wasn’t the only “official” way to play Starfox 2, and if it’s anything like the NES mini, they’ll discontinue this when the only way to receive one is by preordering it. I don’t care if it’s an item made to get profit from people shopping for Christmas, you don’t discontinue something if people are still fighting to get one.

  2. I will not buy this console. The reasons is the same I said a month ago. I preffer to focus on the Switch instead of older consoles.

    I know Nintendo is gonna bring the N64 classics but it’s better to focus and powerup the Switch so more companies will help Nintendo to sell more Switches.

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