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Ratalaika Games Will Announce A New Nintendo Switch Game Tomorrow

Ratalaika Games has revealed that it is planning to unveil a new title for Nintendo Switch soon. To coincide with this announcement, the publisher shared the ambiguous image above, which focuses on a snail clinging to a dandelion seed. The first details of this project will be shown off tomorrow, August 22, so stay tuned for any updates. One of Ratalaika Games’ latest titles for Nintendo Switch includes the atmospheric platformer I and Me.


  1. Sweet! The more the merrier! Anybody who complains about indi games and crying that they aren’t a replacement for garbage like COD/AC really need to just take their opinion and do what Rick suggests to do with opinions.

    Seriously, we’ll get COD and AC, but let us bask in the glory that are these awesome, fun and cheap flood of indi games.

  2. That picture reminds me of villagers in Animal Crossing holding an umbrella for whatever reason… come to think of it, a snail villager would be a cool concept. Funny I’m more interested in the picture than what the article is actually talking about.

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