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Here’s Some FIFA 18 Multiplayer Gameplay Footage (Off-Screen) For Switch

Thanks to IGN, we can now get a closer (and better) look at FIFA 18 running on Nintendo Switch. They recently got the chance to spend some time with the title at Gamescom in Germany and we can see two players, with a Joy-Con each, playing FIFA 18 whilst the Switch is in tabletop mode. Check out the 4-minute clip for yourself below:


9 thoughts on “Here’s Some FIFA 18 Multiplayer Gameplay Footage (Off-Screen) For Switch”

    1. Exactly the same as you on this one. I’m not a huge fan of the franchise as I don’t enjoy soccer/football but the tabletop mode should be a HUGE selling point for this game.

  1. Looks great ! I’m definitely gna b playing this when I chill wit da homies lol gta buy a pro controller tho cus the joycons are kinda annoying when using just single joycon play

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