Nintendo Switch

North America: The Pokken Tournament DX Demo Will Arrive Tomorrow

If you live in North America and plan to check out Pokken Tournament DX, you may be happy to know that you will be able to try out the game sooner than you may have thought. Nintendo of America has confirmed on their Twitter that the demo will arrive in the Nintendo Switch eShop tomorrow at 9pm Pacific/Midnight Eastern. If you’re in Europe, don’t worry. It was announced earlier today that you will get the demo on Thursday. In the meantime, we’ve included Nintendo of America’s tweet down below.



  1. I remember wanting this game for the Wii U but never bothered buying it because I had the nagging feeling that it was a bit lacking. I’ve also never played the game, so this demo might prove enlightening to me.

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  2. I’m really glad they decided to give us s demo of this one as well! I can see this game being passed up due to uncertainty. I know I’ve been debating if I wanna pay full price for this or wait, like a year, and get it used at a considerably cheaper price.


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