Super NES Classic Edition Won’t Be Available For Pre-Order At Toys “R” Us

Those hoping to pre-order the Super NES Classic Edition won’t find what they’re looking for at Toys “R” Us. The retailer has confirmed that it will not be providing pre-orders for the upcoming mini Nintendo system, which will only be offered in stores starting on September 29. Priced at $79.99, the Super NES Classic Edition consists of 21 pre-installed classic games that can be played on any high-definition TV using an HDMI cable.



  1. Well, this doesn’t help me any. Since the closest Toys R Us is over 200 miles away from where I live. And I wouldn’t want to order from Toys R Us anyway. They don’t package things carefully. I received several damaged amiibo when I ordered them from Toys R Us. I’d love to hear that Target or Gamestop was only getting store stock, because at least those stores are within driving distance.

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    1. +1 on damaged goods.

      I bought games at Toys R Us when they were having BOGO _% off, all of the cases had cuts down the middle because someone dug the knife too deep when opening the box. Totally careless.


  2. Gotta say, I respect that decision. Helps with the scalper problem. I haven’t been to TRS in forever, but maybe that’ll change if I try to buy one of these. If I have no work that day, I’ll be lining up.


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