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Japanese Nintendo Switch Sales Pass 1.5 Million Units In Less than Six Months

Following today’s Media Create report, it has been revealed that Nintendo Switch sales in Japan have now passed 1.5 million units sold. This news comes ahead of the Switch turning 6 months old on 3rd September.

The Switch sold 69,654 units last week, which means that this bumps the total up to 1,527,962 units as of Monday, 27th August. The surge in sales could be partly to do with the launch of the Switch remastered Monster Hunter XX, as this franchise does very well in Japan. The recent release of Splatoon 2 may have also helped sales in recent weeks.

This is a big achievement for the console, but only time will tell if these numbers will continue to rise at a steady pace. However, with even more big titles being launched in the coming months, such as Pokken Tournament DX, Fire Emblem Warriors, and Super Mario Odyssey, the sales will surely get another boost.

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    1. They don’t control how fast a factory they don’t own manufactures the console, especially when parts are in short supply, but demand is really high, and they share the parts with Apple devices.. not to mention share manufacture space with other devices. The limiter is part availability and assembly line space.

  1. This is really good news! Makes you wonder if they could have sold 2 million in Japan already, if the console stock would have been there. It’s pretty incredible, considering even the mighty PS4 took about 45 weeks to sell 2 million units. We could have seen 2 million Switches sold in half the amount of time PS4 sold that many in Japan. Switch also hasn’t even had a holiday season yet, I just don’t see this thing slowing down in sales. Holidays, Xenoblade, Mario, Dragon Quest, Virtual console and more coming down the pipe? Japan will continue to eat this console up in droves.

    1. All they need to do now is take that freaking phone app and release it as a patch for the Switch.. .. I mean.. . The switch is a tablet.. . Why would a tablet need another phone for voice chatting and other functions which could easily run on a tablet?

  2. Momentum will continue. Next year they might announce Smash.. . But Kirby, Yoshi and Metroid Prime will also add to the gingered sales.. . And I expect stock will also improve.

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