Nintendo Switch

Stardew Valley Has Now Officially Been Submitted To Nintendo For Approval

Stardew Valley has been a big hit on PC and consoles and the game will eventually make its way to the Nintendo Switch. We’ve heard today via Twitter that the game has now officially been submitted to Nintendo for approval, so hopefully that means we won’t have to wait too long to get a solid release date for the life-sim.




    1. If you ever played the older Harvest Moon games it’s pretty much that with improvements. If not the basic premise is you are rebuilding a long abandoned farm, befriending the nearby townsfolk and if you chose to starting a family. My personal favorite Harvest Moon was Friends of Mineral Town from the GBA and none of the games that came after was able to do it for me. Stardew Valley takes pretty much everything I loved about FoMT and improves things I didn’t even consider. I already got it for PC, but this is a game I’m more than willing to double dip on so I can have it on the go just like the GBA days.

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