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Here’s A Gallery Of The Super Mario Odyssey amiibo Box Art

The amiibo section of Nintendo Sweden’s site has brand new images of the Super Mario Odyssey amiibo that are coming soon. Four images were uploaded that show off the box art. One image is the 3-Pack version that contains all the amiibo, and the other three are the individual figurines in their respective boxes. We’ve included all 4 pictures in a gallery down below, so feel free to check them out.



    1. All five are a must buy for me since I don’t even have a mario peach bowser amiibo and the goomba and koopatroopa are new and the reason why I don’t have many amiibo is because I only had a 3ds and there Weren’t that many uses for it the Wii U got better use out of it and with me owning a switch and knowing we either getting a port or remaster of smash I thought it be best to build me amiibo collection

  1. I can’t believe there was a three in one box I was literally force to buy them separate at Best Buy online still got the same price for the three in one box though, but it would’ve been way more simple to have a three in One the hype for this game is real

      1. That may be true I just check the price I paid two amiibo were $33.57 plus another equaling to $40 something if I were to buy it in a box it would be $35.57 which means paying separate is more expensive oh god your right

  2. As long as it’s nothing huge locked behind them I’m good. I’ve even lost all hate to the Fusion mode once I saw a video showing what it does. The amount of damage you take from hits is insane. I’ll stick to the ingame hard mode thank you very much.

    1. Pretty much much but I don’t think baby Mario will Ben a thing more like a fusion name of Mario peach parioor something like that the baby characters are a time paradox of each character meaning there past self the only child character in the Mario series that actually has a parent is bowser jr

    1. SO aprently what is suppose to happen in the U.K. Website it says bowser is trying to marry peach to seal the deal in so mario won’t have to save peach anymore cause she will be marrried to him, so it’s up to Mario to seal the deal with peach so bowser won’t kidnap her anymore which is why Mario is wearing a tuxedo

  3. The box art accidentally revealed 3 news kingdoms, one of them being the Mushroom Kingdom, a lake kingdom, and that one kingdom that ends with ‘balire’ or something like that.

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