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Resident Evil Revelations For Nintendo Switch Has Optional Gyro-Aiming, Coming November 28th

Resident Evil Revelations 1 & 2 are heading to the Nintendo Switch and will be arriving on November 28th here in the west. Today, Capcom has provided some more details about the Nintendo Switch version. You will be able to use optional Joy-Con aiming with HD Rumble, which I know some of you will be interested in. The game will also feature all the previous downloadable content present in other versions. In North America it will be available as a bundle for $40 with Resident Evil Revelations 1 being on cartridge and Resident Evil Revelations 2 being a digital download code. Both games will also be sold individually for $20 digitally on the eShop as well.



10 thoughts on “Resident Evil Revelations For Nintendo Switch Has Optional Gyro-Aiming, Coming November 28th”

  1. Never played the second, and I’ve been itching to replay the first on 3DS lately, so this’ll be a buy for me.

  2. 40 bucks? For two GOOD Resident Evil games? (Even though i already played them, never got to beat the second one though) Day one buy for me, with all DLC and gyro controls… I’ll buy it at a Hi Price!!!

  3. Well good.
    The lack of gyro controls in the Wii U version (which was perfectly capable of gyro controls) was a huge letdown compared to the 3DS version which actually DID have gyro controls.

    If it was the XBOX 360 version or the PS3 versions, it’s fine if they don’t have gyro controls, but the Wii U did and that was a huge missed opportunity on their part.

    I’m glad they’re finally updating that for the Switch version.

  4. Since I already have all of the RE games, including a physical copy of RER2 with all dlc on disc, on ps4 I’m just gonna buy RER 1 on ps4 and only spend $15 on it brand new at best buy. Aside from RER2 being digital only on the Switch, I have nothing against this series coming to Nintendo platforms. I already invested in having the entire series on one platform, including RE Zero/1/2 and possibly 3 on ps4 if that happens. This is one series I won’t buy on Nintendo’s platform, but I do hope they release the rest of them on the Switch for those who want them portable.

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