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Here’s Some More Fire Emblem Warriors Details

Details for Fire Emblem Warriors are starting to pour out of the latest edition of Famitsu and the more we hear about the game, the more promising it sounds. Fire Emblem Warriors is due to be released soon in Japan so no doubt we shall hear plenty more details in the coming weeks. The game launches here in the west on October 20th and here’s the latest details thanks to LordKano on NeoGAF:

  • Class Change confirmed, also by using Master Seal item. Shion/Rowan (& Lianna) can promote from Lord to Master Lord.
  • Will have Skill system. Can equip up to 3 skills. Skills are unlocked by bonding with other characters.
  • Has Emblem Shop system, apparently involving using materials & permanent stat boosts… need better scan to scrutinize
  • History Mode is separate from Story Mode. It retells the original story of each FE game featured.
  • In History Mode you’d move charas on 2D grids like the original SRPG. When ally adjacent to enemy, battle will trigger
  • Famitsu shows that Validar will appear but as enemy NPC. Scenes in History Mode will also be fully voiced.
  • And Famitsu notes that this History Mode map is from Shadow Dragon. Hope we can get better look at tomorrow’s HQ scans
  • There’s three hero reveals at TGS, so I’m assuming one from each game. Presumably Azura will be there for Fates.




  1. i think a better title for this game would Fire Emblem Warrioes: Awakening and Fates Edition. Characters from previous games are scarce.


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