Nintendo Shared More Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Information

Today’s Nintendo Direct began with a bunch of Pokemon news, especially for Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. You will be able to encounter Dusk Mane Necrozma in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Dawn Wings Necrozma in Pokémon Ultra Moon. There will also be two new Ultra Beasts. You will be able to encounter UB Burst in Pokémon Ultra Sun and UB Assembly in Pokémon Ultra Moon. Ultra Sun & Moon will release on November 17th for 3DS. That wasn’t all that Nintendo had to share about Pokemon, though. You can check out the full segment down below.



  1. A friend of mine thinks that these games will be a disappointment, mainly because it looks like it’s just an extension of the previous games. Thing is, that’s kind of what every 3rd or 4th iteration of a Pokemon game is. Personally, I think this looks like it’ll be really good!

  2. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

    Finally what I’ve been waiting to hear to give me a reason to actually get Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon! I hope they reveal even more new Pokemon exclusive to these games before release, though. Otherwise, I’ll just wait til the games go down in price or I can buy them used before I actually buy them. Since I have no interest in the lazy new form of Lycanroc, and since I won’t be able to nickname it anyway, I won’t be missing out on the bonus for getting the game early so I can wait til one of those two things occur.

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