Japan: Monster Hunter XX Nintendo 3DS Budget Version Announced

Seeing as Monster Hunter XX has been out for quite some time on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan and a Nintendo Switch version of the game has been released, Capcom has announced that it will soon be included in its budget line of games. Monster Hunter XX Best Price! will be arriving on November 30th for Nintendo 3DS. It should be priced around ¥3,909.



  1. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

    Crapcom still giving the West the middle finger, I see, to the point the 3DS version has a cheaper version in Japan before the West has even got the game on Switch. I bet the Switch version will have a cheaper price, too, before it comes to the West. If the issue is they are too busy with other games to do the things necessary to port it to Switch outside Japan, it’s called hiring an outside team to do it. Or is Crapcom somehow short on money?

  2. Capcom

    Over the years Capcom has been a pillar of support for Nintendo consoles, providing hit after hit of successful franchises and multi platform releases.
    But what is happening to Capcom in recent months? With each release missing its full potential, are they playing a clever game or looking for an easy way to side step Nintendo.

    With the recent article on how well the switch is doing since launch and the exciting and welcome news of many large third party developers jumping back on the Nintendo train. It’s hard to understand the decisions being made at Capcom’s HQ.

    The fact that many third parties are making it clear. Its a make or break situation an understandable angle after a poor performing Wii U. Capcom themselves said we will review sales data before committing. Show us you want it, buy the title. In return we will review the sales and make more games….a logical and business like approach.

    So how is this model working for Capcom?

    Since the launch of the switch Capcom’s support has been questionable with each release.
    First we had a remaster or re-release of Street Fighter 2 an odd choice but at the same time a safe choice. Street fighter has proven its self time and time again and today still has one of the highest attach rates of all the fighting franchises. Yet Capcom priced this outside of its represented market. Possibly for two reasons, the additional programming costs of the underwelmingly poor first person mode. The second to make a point that this is firstly a cartridge release rather than an ESHOP VC title. Taking into consideration the cartridge costs and pitching it as a budget entry amongst £50 titles.
    Is this an attempt to fail or has the release sold considerably more than just a straight forward ESHOP VC release could ever have achieved.

    I can mostly understand the decisions behind this release but the money spent on the additional modes could have been put to a better use! Maybe a multiplayer Power Stone re-release.

    Capcoms second title for the switch was Monster Hunter XX. Currently only a Japanese release title. A very hard title to read into. As this franchise has a huge install base in Japan and after two western 3DS releases to aid the growth of the franchise over here it’s hard to imagine a Nintendo console without a Monster Hunter title.
    So why chose to create a switch port of Monster hunter XX a title recently released In the last few months in Japan on the 3DS. With console sales being as incredible as they are the install base would still be extremely low this soon into the switches lifespan. With many or most Japanese owners already owning a copy on the 3DS. And although you can transfer save files from the 3DS to the switch, the only benefit being the graphical upgrade as both formats are currently portable. The monster hunter XX title on the switch will never sell in the quantities a custom to the franchise. But could the answer have been to release it in the west, a market baited and craving its release.

    Our last Capcom entry is our third port and re-release, Resident Evil Revelations 1&2.
    This release is the most baffling of all due to the nature of the title and its previous release on the Wii u and 3DS.
    The first of the Revelations titles is a welcome addition to the re-release roster. Ticking the box for physical and digital adapters due to its smaller than sequel file size. And budget entry pricing.
    Then we move onto the sticking point. Resident Evil Revelations 2 a title which skipped the Wii u. A title which will be digital only and a whopping 26GB file size.
    A title which given the choice most would prefer to own physically over digitally due to the huge file size. A title which can’t fit internally even when the switch is straight out of the box. (25.9GB after OS). So knowing this why not make a small change or compress the file by a GB or so. At least then we might be able to buy it.
    Now given the two options, would you rather an additional charge for the larger cartridge sized physical copy, or to have no choice but to own/purchase a storage device to be able to download and play. It seems almost set up to fail.

    So In summary, has Capcom purposely selected the way it releases its switch titles to struggle. Are we going to be told that they tried but the low sales have left Capcom to rethink their relationship with Nintendo and content on the switch. Should Street Fighter 2 have been a digital budget VC title and Monster Hunter released to an audience who already own XX instead of a western release. Should Resident Evil Revelations 2 be a cartridge release?

    Who really knows but it’s safe to say they are off their game at the moment!
    And seem to be going the hard way round getting sales!

  3. At first I thought this had released in the West already.

    The hell? We don’t even have XX in the West and they’re releasing the cheap edition in Japan? I guess we’re not getting shit.

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