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DOOM For Nintendo Switch Docked And Undocked Will Run At 720p

More information has emerged today regarding DOOM on the Nintendo Switch. The team over at Bethesda have confirmed that the first person shooter will run at 720p when docked and in handheld mode. We already know that the game runs at 30fps. The game is being handled by Panic Button who are also behind Rocket League for the Nintendo Switch which also displays at 720p in docked and handheld mode


37 thoughts on “DOOM For Nintendo Switch Docked And Undocked Will Run At 720p”

      1. Highly unlikely though. I watched the digital foundry analysis. The Switch is using very compressed textures in some areas…. It runs even lower textures than a low spec gaming PC but it still looks amazing. That said, I think 720p is definitive for the Switch version. I also think that Switch will get the same treatment the 3ds has gotten, with Ram and gpu enhancements with each new iteration.

    1. Great story bro, but it doesnt make you the defacto expert in what people will and will not play and where they will play it. I have played doom on PC, at ultra settings at 1080p. It’s impressive given the PC port of the game is very well optimized so who cares if you can play it on a 4k TV, i hope you enjoy that input delay you get from it.

      I would love to play Doom on my commute around places because I actually dont have 10 hours and 5 grand to waste on a dust collector setup to play all the games on it. I’ll gladly buy Wolfenstien on Switch if it means I’ll be able to play it over a month and not over the 4 it took me for Doom

      1. Are you morron or what? i didn’t say or care what people will play or do. i said what i will do.
        And what the hell are you talking about the input deley. i got a gaming tv for the best low input deley so that means its like normal tv like the rest. Go play your 30fps 720p doom shit. on tv.

    2. Jay is right. Who cares what your tv/pc setup is like? This page isn’t talking about doom on pc/xbox/ps4, it’s talking about doom on the switch. If you don’t like it, it’s no sweat off Nintendo or anyone else’s back. Plenty of people are buying the switch, they don’t need your help.




    1. Doom has complex lighting, shadows, particle effects, and fog going on all the time. Splatoon does not. Nintendo takes advantage of a specific art style that may be gorgeous, but it is certainly not as demanding. PCs more powerful than the Switch would struggle to run the game this well.

        1. LOL you morron. An adult like me could have a kiddie console that plays 144p 10fps? and a full lineup with kiddie games? i mean Doom is like the first real adult many adult games Your autistic console got? 1?2? ps4 got everything. So stop fucking around and making comments to defend your gay choices or just go play your gay splatoon-zelda-arms-mario game on 2017…..almost 2018

  2. We should stop the whole comparing a high end gaming pc or a beefy ps4 pro or xbox one x to Switch. That simply is not doing the Switch enough justice. The Switch is a major leap when it comes to handhelds in general and that should always on of the things to take away from it. Ofcourse beside it being the first hybrid console which is why I personally love it so much.

    Back onto Doom; 720, 30fps … all good its freakin DOOM reboot on Nintendo Switch, that on itself is a testament to how incredible the hybrid system is (it is doing what has been more or less an issue since after the SNES days, it’s bringing 3rd party support back).

      1. That doesn’t make it a 1:1 comparison. Yeah, no kidding. PS4/XB1/Switch are all home consoles. But Switch is also a handheld, while PS4/XB1 are not, so again, it’s not a correct or fair comparison. Now, if the Switch was ONLY a home console, AND it was ONLY this powerful, then yes, it would be something worth noting.

        Even if that was the case, it’s still closer to PS4/XB1 than Wii U was, and way closer than Wii was to PS3/360. At least it can play AAA titles using the same graphics engine, and not have to have games built from scratch on it. You can’t play Doom on WIi U at 720p. Period. Couldn’t play Bayonetta on Wii at 480p.

  3. Makes sense considering the Xbox One version ran at “1080p” with a dynamic resolution scaler that constantly dipped below 900p and had framedrops as low as 40fps. You can’t really expect a handheld to reach 720p 60fps when the consoles can barely maintain sub 900p 40-60fps.

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  6. Stop complaining, be happy that we get this title on the Switch and that 3rd party devs are actually excited to put games on it. Freaking graphic whores….
    Quality Fun, not what can run at 20k at 7000fps. Get a damn PC if you want that.

  7. Fantastic news! Super impressive for a handheld device. Won’t look as nice on a TV as other versions, but who cares. Doom on the go works well for me and my career, so it’ll be my Doom of choice. (that and my gaming laptop is too old now to play it lol.. I would have double dipped though)

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  9. I’m amazed how you guys feed the troll so much. I have never played Doom before but I’ll give it a try and I love how games look on my Switch so I don’t care about it being 720p, im good with that I don’t need 1080p nor 4k games. I also have a ps4 that I’m not using it anymore since last year due to my ps plus being ended and I’m not paying another 60 dlls to play online anymore. I’m so happy with my Switch 🙄

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  11. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.}

    Good job, Thanos. They all fell hook, line, & sinker for the bait, mate. lol

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