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Rumour: Source Who Predicted L.A Noire Switch Hints That GTA V Could Be Coming

The rumour mill has been swirling for the past few days as the leaker behind L.A Noire and the recent Nintendo Direct date has hinted that the immensely popular Grand Theft Auto V could well be coming to Nintendo’s latest gaming platform, the Nintendo Switch. Here’s what was said by NeoGAF member Vern:

“Why isn’t this port GTAV. No one wanted this game lol”.

Vern quoted this post and simply replied: “Patience”.

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  1. oooooohhhh niiiice, this is what I want.
    It doesn’t matter if they’re only ports or they don’t look as neat, the appeal of having this kind of game on the go is too much to pass up in my opinion.

  2. Door #1 : The only GTA titles that will ever be on Nintendo hardware are the handheld ones like the GBA port and Chinatown Wars, simply because Nintendo’s signature move is to release underpowered hardware that has the firepower of the consoles in the previous generation before it.

    Door #2: It gets released, but has a number of flaws like no online multiplayer, and the graphics look like something Ubisoft provided in 2005.

        1. And why is that a bad thing? The game still sells like crazy on PS4 and a portable version would very likely set Switch sales on fire.

  3. I hope this does happen. GTA games are normally the gateway games that ensures strong 3rd party support. Playing a console version of GTA on the go and with possibly motion controls and HD Rumble??? Oh that’s pure satisfaction right there

    1. I hope so too. Nintendo haven’t gotten hold of the Grand Theft Auto franchise since the only game that was on the Nintendo DS (and other platforms). Let’s all hope that Take Two brings Grand Theft Auto 5 (or any spin-off) to the Nintendo Switch.

  4. Vern said he didn’t have any information on this. Patience line was just his guess nothing more. He is surprised site picked up on this as some scoop. He do not know if GTA is coming just that Rockstar has another game in the works for switch.

    1. I think he got a really good tip that GTA V may be coming to the Switch but doesn’t want to be banned from Neogaf if he’s proven wrong. If he wasn’t sure, he shouldn’t even made that comment especially considering how impressive his track record has been so far for leaking out news. He’s worried that he may be discredited if his ” guess ” isn’t right so he’s changing things up but he should’ve thought about that before he made that ” Patience ” comment thus leading on people to think that GTA V maybe coming to the Switch

      1. He said that already. He said he shouldn’t have said that. He was just making a comment. Just because a person speaks doesn’t mean the speaking as an insider. He was only speaking as a game enthusiast.

  5. I didn’t bought GTA V, but I can consider it for the Nintendo Switch (since it should retain some resale value). Though probably it would need SD card storage, and I wouldn’t be happy with it… uhm.

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