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FIFA 18 On Nintendo Switch Apparently Won’t Let You Team Up Online With Friends

FIFA 18 has arrived today on the Nintendo Switch and people who have purchased a copy have noticed a glaring flaw, you can’t play online with friends. You can still play online with randoms, but if you were looking to hook up with some friends and play some matches online then this option isn’t available.


14 thoughts on “FIFA 18 On Nintendo Switch Apparently Won’t Let You Team Up Online With Friends”

  1. I wish people would stop blaming EA, this is all down to the Switch itself having no real online service in the way of a party system, etc. Where as companies like Nintendo have to put in these features for each separate game, like mario kart and splatoon 2, it is up to companies to add these features in, so i don’t blame EA for not wanting to pay more money to implement a feature which is the norm on every other console.

    1. EA should’ve made it clear to consumers though exactly which features would be missing, especially this feature. I’m hearing from people who’ve bought the game only to find out afterwards that they can’t play with friends online. Now they most likely can’t return it for a full refund. If EA was clear upfront, consumers would’ve been in a better position to make an informed decision.

    2. I have to agree here. I love the switch and all but this whole online shit is ridiculous. Splatoon 2 online sucks ass. Almost every online game should be like cod or something. You join the lobby, you have voice chat to talk to everyone, or when the game starts only your team. You can mute people if you want. Have parental controls to limit this to only friends if they want.

      1. Probably EA will blame Nintendo “AGAIN” fot everything. But now there is a lot indies and third parties with online friend on switch. That lame excuse isn’t gonna work anymore. I reallpy hope they answer us because a lot people want their answer right now.

  2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||There won’t be more than 2 teams anyway since nobody except Xbot liberals will buy this…||

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