Nintendo Switch

US: Rogue Trooper Redux Coming To Nintendo Switch October 17th

Rebellion have today confirmed that Rogue Trooper Redux will be arriving on the North American Nintendo Switch eShop on October 17th.

Pioneering tactical shooter and landmark comic book adaptation, Rogue Trooper is back, remastered and revitalised in true high definition. Experience acclaimed third-person action in this BAFTA-nominated tale of betrayal and revenge at the far reaches of the galaxy!




  1. It looks pretty good but October is going to be filled with a lot of good larger scaled games that I really want to buy so I may have to get it later. It has shaped up nicely though

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    1. You’re on point, paid. I personally believe the top two priorities to buy on the Switch are Fire Emblem Warriors and Super Mario Odyssey.


      1. I already hav Odyssey, MH World, AC: Origins and Xenoblade 2 pre-ordered and fully paid, so I will definitely pick this up if the reviews are good….if not then ill see about the game, Dont Knock Twice.


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