Here’s More Information Regarding The Players At Nintendo World Championships 2017

At the Nintendo World Championships 2017 in New York on Oct. 7, elite players from around the world will meet and compete, with one being crowned the champion.

Each of these 24 elite players has a story.

Eight of them made it to the championship by winning their respective local qualifiers at Best Buy locations at cities all across the country – this group includes John Numbers, who was the winner of the Nintendo World Championships 2015.

Eight of them won similar qualifiers for competitors 12 years old and younger.

And the final eight competitors were invited from all around the world, including actor Asa Butterfield and WWE Superstar Bayley, as well as speed runners and professional gamers.

John Numbers is back! Even though he struggled in the early rounds, John Numbers showed enough Mario Kart skill to claim victory in the New York qualifier and enter the championship. As the reigning champ, does he have what it takes to repeat and claim the title again? Or will a new champion be crowned?

How old will the winner be? There are 25 years between the youngest and oldest player in the competition. And while kids competed in their own separate tournament during the original 1990 championship, this time players of all ages are competing together. Will one of the talented younger competitors take the title?

From Hollywood to the Mushroom Kingdom: Although English actor Asa Butterfield (Ender’s Game, Hugo) and WWE Superstar Bayley have made names for themselves in the entertainment industry, they are also Nintendo fans. Will these talented performers also perform under the pressure of the big stage?

Putting the “world” in World Champion: German speed runner 360Chrism boasts an impressive list of speed-running accomplishments, while PasteCat from Canada and Why So Sara from Mexico are also very experienced in the competitive video game scene. Will one of these international superstars be declared the champion?

Invitation to Victory?: Rounding out the eight invited players, YellowKillerBee is an accomplished speed runner, while both Zerk and Tubooron have won Nintendo-hosted tournaments in the past. Will these players prove yet again that they have what it takes to go all the way?

Many of these competitors traveled long distances to compete for the title. Some have proven their worth in previous tournaments. But all of them want this. Whoever wins will become a part of Nintendo history.

The Nintendo World Championships 2017 will stream live at starting at 5 p.m. ET / 2 p.m. PT on Oct. 7. For more information about Nintendo World Championships 2017, including the full list of players, visit

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  1. Oh my god! Asa Butterfield is a Nintendo fan? I did not know that! I will definitely watch the Championships!

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