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Creator Of Axiom Verge Happy With Sales On The Nintendo Switch

Tom Happ, the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed Axiom Verge, has said on Twitter that he’s happy with the sales of the game which released on the Nintendo Switch on Thursday. The 2D action title was up against quite a bit of competition, but sales of the game appear to be healthy.

Thanks to SimonSP for the tip!

4 thoughts on “Creator Of Axiom Verge Happy With Sales On The Nintendo Switch”

  1. Great game I never got to finish before on Wii U. I’ll probably pick this up on Switch today. From what I’ve seen it looks pretty on that Switch screen and being able to play it on the go will give me more time to actually complete it with this play through.

    It’s crazy because there are so many big games coming very soon that I really want but I kinda already have my hands full with SteamWorld Dig 2, Golf Story and this when I jump back in. Can’t complain though because I rather have this “too many great games to play at once” problem than the “not enough games to play at all” the Wii U had in it’s early years.

    1. Steamworld Dig 2 is pretty much the Indie GOTY for me. I expected so much and was convinced I was expecting too much but this doesn’t feel like an indie game anymore. This really feels like coming from one of Nintendo’s own teams.
      So much charme, so clever design and although it makes use of some concepts that have been there before, it adds so much originality. Pure love.

      After finishing it I needed some Metroidvania-kind-of game for my fix until Mario & Skyrim launch and instantly bought Axiom Verge day1. I do like it so far, but especially because of its legacy, coming mostly from one guy out of that pure fan-vision. I mean there’s a lot of other things to like about that game, but so far it’s a bit too much like ‘look I do my own Metroid-clone’ for me. It’s impressive how great his own elements fit into that concept and it’s original enough to keep me playing, but after playing through several Metroid games, more difference would’ve been appreciated. And Steamworld Dig kinda shows what I mean. Or Guacamelee.

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