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Here’s Some New Super Mario Odyssey Footage From The 2017 Nintendo World Championships

The final game to appear at the 2017 Nintendo World Championships was Super Mario Odyssey. However, if you thought that the gameplay we’d see would be something we’ve already seen, think again. New gameplay of Super Mario Odyssey got to be shown at the tournament this year, so we’ve included the footage for you down below. The game releases worldwide on the Nintendo Switch on October 27th.



    1. It really makes no sense to watch it unless your someone who just likes having thier games spoiled. Nintendo is notorious for spoiling thier games just weeks or even days before release. It’s almost like Nintendo is afraid the game won’t sell… Which makes no sense because thier first party games always sell well…

      1. It’s not really spoiled since we’ll have to actually play to have fun with it but it does take away the element of surprise.

    2. I’m not trying to sound like a smart ass, but ruining the element of surprise is almost the very definition of spoiling.. You can only play your first play through one time. Seeing it before hand really ruins the experience. Like when I watched all those MK8 spoilers. The most exciting tracks to play on the first play through were always the ones I hadn’t seen footage of before hand.

      1. You could still have fun playing the level though whereas spoiling the ending of a story is potentially more damaging.

      2. ” ruining the element of surprise is almost the very definition of spoiling”

        But the whole concept only applies to entertainments for whom the element of surprise is a major factor. You can easy spoil a movie that way. It’s hard to spoil a fighting game that way since the meat and bones of fighting games only comes after you’re already deeply familiar with most all the content in the game, so you can make correct decisions in a match.

        Mario games sit somewhere in the middle, with a feeling of exploration and discovery being important, but the majority of the fun being how you physically interact with the game yourself.

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