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Video: Sonic Forces Space Port Gameplay

The official Sonic the Hedgehog Youtube channel has revealed some footage of the Space Port zone which will feature in the forthcoming Sonic Forces. Sonic’s high-speed 3D and 2D adventure launches on the Nintendo Switch on November 7th.

In the frigid north of Sonic’s world is one of Eggman’s chemical plants supplying a space port. It’s up to the hero character to break through the base’s defense. In this gameplay video, we’ve armed our custom character with the powerful Drill Wispon!


  1. Loks like an IP that needs to be abandoned to the past. Eventually just let indies take advantage of it (like with Sonic Mania).

  2. Look like corridor / movie / corridor / movie / etc… Not sure I will enjoy that… Back in the gamecube era, I played a lot of Sonic Adventure 2. It was fun.

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