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Here’s The First Twenty Minutes Of Rogue Trooper Redux

Many of you are curious about Rogue Trooper Redux and now we have the first twenty minutes of the game for your viewing pleasure. You can watch the action unfold in the video published below.

Thanks to Luis for the tip! 



    1. Hope this doesn’t come across as smug (cuz I’m asking seriously) but does EA have the rights to COD now?

      Either way COD and all its clones are missing a huge opportunity on Switch this holiday season, meanwhile the Nintendo train keeps chugging along with or without the turd party support 😋

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      1. Don’t worry. We got Doom and Bethdesa is gonna be rolling in with the dough along with Nintendo and also Sega having two definitive Sonic games on Switch which will be popular than the others.

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    2. Yeah. Doom, Mario and Sonic with added portability will land around a time span of 3 weeks from each other. It’s gonna be an exciting Christmas for Nintendo for sure and then some of these falsifying 3rd party assholes faking their “support” for the Switch is gonna feel very stupid on missing out on easy money especially if CoD sucked on other platforms which is now reduced to 3, odds are only one of them is gonna tank..PC due to recent track record of shotty ports.


    3. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

      Please tell me you are using EA as an insult toward Activision who own the Call of Duty franchise & don’t actually believe EA owns that franchise, because they don’t if you do.


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