Course Featured In Nintendo World Championships Final Available In Mario Maker Wii U

Good news for those of you still playing the brilliant Super Mario Maker as Nintendo has tweeted that one of the courses showcased and played through in the recent Nintendo World Championships 2017 is available for everyone to play. The course is now available as an Event Course in the Wii U version of Super Mario Maker.



      1. I think Nintendo has to upgrade the online system, so we can have Super Mario Maker and other fabolous online games like Overwatch.


      2. They MUST fix the voice chat back to it’s basic roots that even the DS from 2005 did right. Plus in the headphones or use BT and boot up the appropriate online game. And that’s it. If people don’t wanna hear voices, just hit the fucking mute option. It’s not that hard.

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      3. Ok I agree with you but for now Nintendo has to release the games we want now so they can push more energy on those parts.


      4. Yeah, I know. I’m still praying for GTA5, Overwatch, Mario Maker and even Metroid Prime Anthology HD remaster to happen. Anthology meaning all 3 Prime games including Hunters completely remade from the ground up and have it’s kick ass multiplayer with new Bounty Hunters from Prime 3 with Dark Samus, Pirates and multiple GF trooper types.

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      5. Metroid Prime it’s game that I know. And the games I’m hoping for the Switch are

        – Super Mario Maker
        – Star Fox (I can also have the port of Zero)
        – Overwatch (because yes I want it and I want to play on the Switch instead of the PC).


      6. Star Fox Zero can stay in hell. Assault HD remaster with online play, improved 3rd person shooter segment and Krystal’s return to public form, I would buy it.
        Overwatch, again, SO MUCH YES.


      7. Eww. Why? When the 3DS has the exact same game but better? It’s the rehash of the original SNES game for the third time? I highly appreciate Assault for bringing new things to the table like 3rd person shooting which completely SHITS on Zero’s painfully slow Gyro/Hack sections. The Arwing transformation can stay. Hell, Assault can incorporate that mechanic as well as shooting with various weapons. Also, make Assault open world since Switch’s power is more than capable of such huge scope; Breath of the Wild proved that.


      8. It’s a preference. That’s all.

        By the way if they do a Star Fox open world I’ll approve it.

        Zelda BoTW it’s openworld

        Super Mario Odyssey make you explore the worlds.

        I’m hoping to see the same for Star Fox


      9. I hope Metroid Prime 4 is open with actual piloting of her gunship and same for the new Star Fox IF it happens but I want Assault remastered with expansive open world, KRYSTAL, improved 3rd person like Gears of War and 12 person online multiplayer WITH SYSTEM VOICE CHAT for either space dog fights or grounded gun fights.


      10. I will buy it someday on the Switch, because the Switch it’s only the modern console that I have.

        I like the new mechanic where some level you can switch from Sonic to your own character. This feature is cool, also the new character with his weapon ability that depends on the Wisp (I think it’s the right name of the aliens) is also good.

        In summary, I like it (not as much as Odyssey but I like it)


      11. Why is the Character switching only situational for some levels? I miss the old character switch mechanic from Advance 3.


      12. I don’t know. I never played Sonic Advance 3. Sorry, but if there is a chance to play it on the VC I will play it.


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