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This Week’s Nintendo Minute Features The Super Mario Odyssey Co-Op Mode

Super Mario Odyssey‘s release is really close, so the game has been getting some time in the spotlight in the weekly Nintendo Minute series. This week, Kit and Krysta decide to show off the game’s co-op mode. According to the pair in the video description, co-op is “really fun and super easy to jump into”. The next episode will release on the same day that Super Mario Odyssey releases, so the duo announced that it will be the last episode dedicated to the game. For now, we’ve included this week’s episode down below.



    1. ||No, this is a single-player adventure, the need for co-op mode is irrelevant…||

        1. ||You little people can ask and demand as much as you want, Super Mario Odyssey has nothing to do with the Super Mario Bros. series and the last time you got such a game was Super Mario 3D World…||

          ||If you didn’t like that weapon then that’s your own problem, not Nintendo’s…||

          1. And neither did Galaxy but what do ya know? Luigi is in it…strange.

            Oh and suddenly Luigi isn’t important to the main series? Bros. is part of the main series and Bros. is what made the series huge and saved the gaming industry in the first place. For a wannabe Ultron Nintendo defender, you sure as hell overlooked a few obvious points of the argument. Just stop. Why have Cappa as a Co-Op partner when 1. It’s designed as a power up and 2. Can already be used in solo mode just fine? It’s a lazy copout mode like in Galaxy that shunes Luigi once again. Also, answer this: Why the hell would Nintendo would add online multiplayer in Luigi’s Mansion 2 where it doesn’t necessarily fit nor it’s in the main plot but refuse to put it in the main Mario/Bros. game, with Luigi playable, where it does? I’ll tell you why: Nintendo still has those with ass backward ideas in the company still thinking they’re only tailoring Japanese audiences and until they’re gone and replaced with new blood that’s actually talented and relevant for the 21st century standards, we won’t be seeing some of these moronic decisions go away anytime soon; like alienating system voice chat to a fucking smartphone app.

            1. ||Luigi was in it and was playable but that wasn’t your argument, your argument was about co-op mode which is a different matter than character inclusion…||

              ||That living hat might be Mario’s partner but it wasn’t designed to be a 100% main playable character like Mario, only there to collect items and smaller uses that are irrelevant to the larger gameplay…||

              ||Luigi has his own series now, whether multiplayer is needed or not in his games is irrelevant, that is Nintendo’s vision, just like Super Mario Odyssey is about Mario’s adventures, end of story…||

              ||But once they start doing blasphemous things with their sacred gems like F”#%”¤%!”¤ Fo”¤# that completely defiled Metroid, then my system cannot accept such virus, and the voice chat system is completely irrelevant for me, I don’t care one way or the other as I’m too busy slaughtering my enemies and allies alike during gameplay…||

              1. That is the argument point you fool. Co-op should be intended with Luigi (if present), not some bystanding character that has limited input in the game. In this case, Capps has more input but, like I said, it’s a glorified Cap powerup from 64 which Odyssey’s game design is supposedly based off of. Oops.

                Doesn’t matter if Luigi has a spin off. Galaxy, a so called “MARIO EXCLUSIVE GAME” came 6 years after Luigi’s Mansion but still made a playable appearance anyway on top of its sequel 3 years later with New Mario Bros. on Wii around the same time. OOPS.

                Now comes the irrelevant part of the subject you brought up (fail to see the irony in your whole Mario only defense): Voice Chat…if you don’t like hearing other’s voices, JUST ENABLE THE MUTE OPTION!

                1. ||You want online mode in this game, which means co-op in one way or the other which in turn makes Luigi included by default and thereby making your main argument to be co-op mode…||

                  ||That’s correct, it’s a glorified secondary assisting partner, based in a single-player adventure that has no need for any real co-op mode since the game was designed and intended to be so from the minute the concept was 100% decided…||

                  ||The Super Mario Galaxy situation doesn’t even count as it was basically changing Mario to a green version of him with no real significant changes, Super Luigi Bros Wii was at least a decent take on the game with Luigi and his unique skills, and since it was a part of the main Super Mario Bros. series, that made sense…||

                  ||You brought voice chat up first and again, go and tell or speak to others about that topic, I don’t concern myself with such irrelevancy, I have much more important matters to attend to, like destroying Xbots…||

                  1. Mario isn’t Mario without his brother who has been around since from the beginning of their inception. Co-op or not, Luigi is as part of the Mario staple as Mario himself. Otherwise, it’s just treating Luigi as the red-head step child of the franchise.

                    Again, Cappa is basically a powerup you can carry at all times that’s manly used as a portable platform, possessor and extension of item collecting.

                    Now you wanna disown a 3D MARIO game like Galaxy because I reminded you of Luigi being part of the game…how sad of you to retreat that way from a good point I brought up.

                    Again, this is about Mario Odyssey’s lackluster Co-Op, not voice chat. You randomly brought it up because it’s what you thought I was insinuating. Feel free to engage Xbots because I don’t give a shit about a platform that shouldn’t exist over PC anyway.

                    1. ||Mario games are whatever Nintendo wants them to be because they are integrated into almost every genre and even creating new ones sometimes, By your same logic then you should complain about Mario not being playable at all in any of the two Luigi’s Mansion games…||

                      ||Exactly, and I have already explained why there isn’t a co-op mode so there is no need to continue about this at all…||

                      ||Nintendo still has those with ass backward ideas in the company still thinking they’re only tailoring Japanese audiences and until they’re gone and replaced with new blood that’s actually talented and relevant for the 21st century standards, we won’t be seeing some of these moronic decisions go away anytime soon; like alienating system VOICE CHAT to a fucking smartphone app.||

                      ||Read again, you brought it up, I adressed it, I don’t bring up topics out of the void unless someone else does in a discussion…||

                    2. So you’re saying co-op should only be limited to “Bros.” Style games when the New Mario Bros. series are already tired out and annoyed by fans rehashing the exact same plot/designs 3 games straight which makes CoD seems different between games and that’s saying something. Do you know how dumb that sounds? If Bros. is no longer a thing with co-op as well, then there is no longer any decent co-op experience in another Mario AND LUIGI game ever again.

                      Also, I would love to see Mario join Luigi in his spin-off Mansion games to get payback on King Boo kidnapping his ass twice. Also, Mario & Luigi going full “Ghostbusters” together? I’ll highly approve that for Luigi’s Mansion 3, only on Switch.

                    3. ||No, I’m simply stating the approach High Command appears to take statistically, and if they decide one day to include co-op in such a way that it doesn’t appear to be added on just because of demand then why not…||

                    4. ||Statistical probabilities includes everything…||

                    5. You mean the online component, voice chat, backward compatibility, VC games, apps, media play, Streetpass, etc? All of those missing standards from Switch doesn’t scream “statistic probabilities”.

                    6. ||You did not understand what I was referring to…||

    2. This is not a fucking half ass co op you shit head This is a single player mario like all the rest on hes kind.
      And for the god sake? well the “god” or more specifically Nintendo Doesn’t care to listen to idiots like you and ruin the “single player Mario legacy”

      1. Well, at least this is “hopefully” THE LAST Miyamoto Mario game so that the next one would give us the proper 3D co-op Mario game we deserve. Miyamoto can shove his half-ass gimmicky mindset up his ass.

  1. I would really love to see Ninty innovate around the coop style Mario games with Odyssey style energy.
    I would love to play a Super Mario 3D world with innovative mechanics like this.
    But I think I understand why online multiplayer hasn’t really been featured…. The latency could break the experience… Applying it in Mario Kart or shooters is different. But this is Ninty… It could be that they know what to do but they’re just being slow about it…. As usual

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