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Rumor: A Nintendo Customer Service Rep Says Super Mario Odyssey Is 1080p In TV Mode

A Nintendo customer support representative that emailed Nintendo Today user Gold Luigi may have revealed what the resolution will be like in Super Mario Odyssey. According to Gold Luigi, the rep said in an email that “on handheld mode, the highest resolution will be 720p, while in TV mode, the highest resolution will be 1080p”. Although info from customer service representatives are not always reliable, we will know for sure when the game releases in just one more week.




  1. That doesn’t really mean much. Even if true, it could still be rendered in 720p and then upscaled to 1080p like many of Nintendo’s Wii U titles… But I wouldn’t be surprised if it is true 1080p while docked.


      1. That’s my point. I wouldn’t be shocked to see 1080p native while docked. Not trying to compare the Switch and the Wii U here. Just saying that this statement from the service rep has little value because they didn’t specify if it was a native 1080p.


      2. A systems power doesn’t actually have an impact on resolution and fps capabilities beyond determining the ceiling. Game development is a balancing act between many, many things including textures, instances on screen, AI behavior, particle, lighting, shadow effects, etc. The developers job is to find a cocktail of all these things to meet the current expectations of the gamer. So even if a weaker console presented 1080p60 games, that doesn’t mean a more powerful one is guaranteed, if say the design concept requires 300 complex AI units rendered at any given time. If a game is only running without dropped frames at 720p no matter how many optimization passes you make, something, somewhere has to be cut down if they want to output native 1080p. That may be setting the frame rate to 30. It may be reducing the number of textures on screen. Maybe you go go 720p and upscale.

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    1. It really depends on the monitor you’re using. On my 1080p screen; I can definitely see a difference between native 1080p and upscaled 720p. Native 1080p looks much sharper and cripser, upscaled 720p looks a tiny bit blurry (though not terribly much – still noticably so).


  2. SMO running at 1080p 60fps would be great but to be honest I’ll be satisfied with it running at 900p/upscaled to 1080p 60fps. I’m a performance guy so 60fps is good enough for me regardless of what the resolution is

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  3. Why have I been unable to post comments on certain posts these past 2 days? I tried posting a comment on the Super Mario Odyssey “Jump Up Superstar on iTunes” post, and it won’t post for nothing. Also on another post, and again it won’t post. Yet on this, my comments posted just fine, twice. I’m using my Wii U like always, so I don’t know what the problem is. But even on my computer it wasn’t posting on certain posts either.

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      1. If you watched the video of the analysis, Digital Foundry mention they expect optimization towards release or shortly after, with dynamic resolution up to 1080p the minimum


  4. The last demo build was 900p. I wouldn’t be too shocked if they achieved 1080p for the final build, but if it’s 900p I won’t be disappointed. It’s hard to tell the difference between 900p and 1080p. The thing I’m most happy about is the silky smooth 60fps.


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