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Video: Super Mario Odyssey – Napping in New Donk City & Discovering Cat Peach

Review copies for the immensely promising Super Mario Odyssey are out in the wild and one publication that has gotten hold of a copy is GameXplain. The team have uploaded a new video which see’s Mario exploring the exciting New Donk City and discovering some of the secrets that it holds. Enjoy!

“We return to New Donk City to find some secrets! But we kinda failed at that so instead we took a nap to hear Mario talk in his sleep, sat on a bench, and then finally discovered a hidden Cat Peach! Check it out in these clips from the demo!”


  1. There’s going to be so much to discover in this game… “Sleeping Mario” is just like Super Mario 64’s!

  2. I love Breath of the Wild,I pre-ordered it with my Switch, but this is really the game I’ve been waiting for. Mario’s been in my DNA since I first purchased the original NES in the 80’s. It’s going to be a long week for me.

  3. I really hate this. There should be rules of what you can and can’t show from a review copy. I’m not talking about this video, but one that shows the final battle with a huge spoiler right in the thumbnail that’s unavoidable if you’re not expecting it and just scrolling through videos. I fucking hate this. I was doing really well avoiding everything too >:(

    1. But this is game explain and there just showing gameplay on a kingdom that’s been shown a thousands of times, if you really want to hate on someone hate on the people who exposed all of the kingdoms

          1. To be extra safe I just cleared my website data so those videos would stop getting recommended to me.

    2. Just a heads up, I’ve purposely tried to make our review as spoiler free as possible, so that everyone gets to enjoy the game and that we don’t spoil it for you. I’d be annoyed if something got spoilt for me too, especially if you chose not to view that specific info in the first place. Fan first, critic second. :)

  4. King Kalas X3 {I only buy exclusives that interest me on Switch. For everything else that interests me, there is PS4.} says:

    Just a couple more days… I haven’t played a great 3D Mario since Sunshine, so I’m hoping Odyssey will be a great, better step up from the Mario games on Wii & Wii U. Though I had fun with the ones I played on those systems, they just didn’t click with me like Bros 3, World, 64, & Sunshine did.

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