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Nintendo Treehouse Talks More About The Snapshot Mode In Super Mario Odyssey

There’s a pretty neat feature in Super Mario Odyssey that is sure to be a hit with fans and that’s the Snapshot mode. During gameplay, players can snap photo’s of Mario during his adventure and use multiple tools to edit it before sharing it on social media. There’s even a tool to create the perfect phone background. Nintendo Treehouse has recently uploaded a blog post which explains the some of the processes into making a cool picture like the one below.

Taken from their Tumblr:



This was a shot for which I had to secure some extra elevation. While you can control a lot of your camera’s positioning with Snapshot Mode’s tools, there are limits, and sometimes you need to get Mario nice and high to get the shot you want. In this case, a nearby beachside cliff did the trick. I spent a while adjusting the angles to get this shot’s composition just where I wanted it before taking the shot. I love how the ends of his little tentacles are just peeking out over the edge of the glass.

Comparing the second shot of this set with the New Donk Noir shot in my last post, you can see how the Black and White filter can be used to achieve some quite dramatic effects.

You can read more about the Snapshot mode in Super Mario Odyssey here.



  1. I guess people will be taking lots of pictures of Mario’s nipples…. Lol.
    If you could upload pics directly from the Switch to facebook and Instagram, that would be so cool.

  2. Instagram should be in the system. I get more better, cleaner responses than any other sites that are purely barren (Twitter) to cancerous (FaceBook). Also, where’s the YouTube option?

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