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Rumour: A Map From Splatoon 1 Could Be Reappearing In Splatoon 2

Nintendo is doing a great job of offering Splatoon fans a steady stream of updates with fresh content being dished out every so often. As well as brand-new weapons (and weapons from the previous game), Nintendo is adding multiplayer maps to the online portion of the game and we could be seeing another map from the original Splatoon game coming to Splatoon 2 if a video on Twitter is anything to go by. We got treated to Kelp Dome a little while back and it’s Blackbelly Skatepark that may be added to the map selection, according to OatmealDome. Check out the video below to see Blackbelly Skatepark supposedly running on Splatoon 2.


      1. After almost 500hours + on splat1+2 i still cant manage my brain to play with motion controlls..
        i guess my brain is to old for my age to force it to learn that now at my 27 lol.. do you know anyone else who is not playing with motion controlls?

    1. I can play with anything BUT motion controls, lol. I totally suck (well, worse than usual, anyway). But both my brother and wife, both younger than I am, hate motion controls in Splatoon.

    1. I bet they’re just gonna keep a slow drip of previous content going to maintain interest over time. That’s nice and all, but they should just give Splatoon 2 the ‘DX’ treatment.

  1. This is cool!

    Tbh I think it would be great if they release all maps from Splatoon 1, I love a lot of them.

    My favourites are Urchin Underpass, Walleye Warehouse, Arowana Mall and Blackbelly Skatepart.

    I thought it was a bit meh when they did Kelp Dome as it’s not one of my top maps, but there’s hope we’ll get more :)

    As a side note thinking long term, maybe for Splatoon 3 they could do an update after its release with all maps from Splatoon 1 and 2 as a celebration kinda thing (next gen of course, plenty of time for Nintendo to think about this!)

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