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Here’s A Brief Clip Of Mario In Just Dance 2018 On Nintendo Switch

We recently found out that Mario will be starring in the Nintendo Switch version of the upcoming Just Dance 2018. Today, Ubisoft has shared a brief clip of what to expect from the Nintendo mascot in the dance fuelled title. Take a look below for Mario in Just Dance 2018


    1. Yeah and it’s really disappointing. They literally just added a new background for the dance. Hopefully there will at least be 1 or 2 other dances that have Mario in them. If not then that’s a really scummy thing for Ubisoft to make it seem like there were going all new dances with Mario in them and then have it be a port of the one from Just Dance 3.

      Or maybe it wouldn’t be scummy because that sounds like something they would do for a quick cash grab.

      1. More effort in random Rabbids and Mario? lol FE had more engaging turn based gameplay and even Pokémon. Not even Steep has any efforts which I still believe it’s a copy/paste Mt. Everest from FarCry 4 that ripped off that Deep Silver game from Wii.

  1. More casual trash from Ubisoft. Not interested.

    Just a few more days til Super Mario Odyssey & Assassin’s Creed Origins. Hurry the fuck up, 27th!

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