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Nakamura Talks About The Nintendo Switch Version Of Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces isn’t too far away now as it launches on the Nintendo Switch on November 7th. Eurogamer met up with Shun Nakamura, game designer and producer at Sonic Team, to quiz him about any obstacles the team encountered when making the Nintendo Switch version of the 3D and 2D platformer which runs at 30fps on the platform.

“When we were doing concepts for the game, we really wanted to make it multiplatform. Regardless of what hardware you have, how you’re playing the game – the base idea is for that experience to be the same on the machine. And this was back before anyone knew what the Nintendo Switch would be. Even when we were drawing the lines of having Xbox One, PS4, we were going to have Nintendo’s new hardware – even though we didn’t know anything about it, we got the budget and schedule sorted before we even knew what existed. It was a bit of a panic when we first got the Switch – it was a little bit different to what we were expecting, so it was a case of seeing how we could make that work. There were some challenges – but because we have our own engine, we were able to customise it very quickly in a way that could work for the Switch, and in a way that it could really be the same experience on the Switch without it having to feel or look different.”


    1. Unfortunately to my knowledge, there has never been an update to consoles aside from PS4 Pro that provides a higher framerate.

      I’m still getting this on Switch cause portability, but I’ll be getting it on PC for graphics, fps, and modding reasons in the future.

      1. If iOS games is any indication, frame rate increase is still possible. Even Android for some games have higher FPS than iOS with superior specs. IDK, sometimes these things are strangely mixed in comparison. But we’ll see how this port goes. I don’t mind 30FPS because most Sonic games in the past consoles other than Nintendo’s usually run at 30FPS while Nintendo strives for 60FPS. I don’t get the reversal other than development schedule issues.

    1. I just have a bad feeling that it’ll disappoint. All I see in trailers is the same fucking levels while Classic Sonic is “forced” in (no pun intended), all OCs from the creator plays the same as Sonic for some reason and Shadow’s DLC is kinda lacking. Only 3 original stages that’ll be blasted through in about 3 minutes and Shadow plays exactly like Sonic which isn’t suppose to be the case.

      1. In terms of the levels, nobody wants to see the whole game in a trailer. I understand if that’s something you want to see, but I don’t remember that being the case with Sonic Mania.

        With the Avatar, it’s not really the same as Sonic since it doesn’t have a boost and has a weapon and a grappling hook, which Sonic lacks. Also each Avatar comes with a special ability that, again, Sonic lacks.

        Now I do agree with you about Shadow. Shadow should have a few differences from Sonic which doesn’t seem to be the case unfortunately. And the first Shadow level looks crappy. Again, the first.

        And Classic Sonic doesn’t really feel forced in as it looks like he has own separate arc that hasn’t been focused on in the trailers. I’m not sure if you know what that arc is about since it’s been leaked, but the main focus in advertising for the game is that bad stuff are happening and the Sonic characters need to team up to fight.

        The game looks promising to me and with a $40 price tag to compliment Sonic Mania (not a coincidence), it’s hard to pass up in my opinion.

        1. I know that but every single trailer is the same shit since reveal. Plus, why can’t we play as other characters in the game besides 2 Sonics (Generations all over again), whatever OC you can think of and Shadow being a 3rd Sonic copycat character instead of his own differentiated move-set.

          With Wisps coming into the picture…yet again appearing without a reason plot wise, Sonic is roughly similar.

          I know his DLC is free but it looks like a last minute incentive to sell the game because people are getting worried about it being another major letdown like 2006 and Boom which this game succeeds after that latter. I would’ve been happy with just Mania if Forces is giving me the hives of potential disappointment.

          Separate arc? lol You can’t be serious. It’s just a clutch to appease classic Sonic fans where it doesn’t fit plot wise besides the ending of Mania which reminds me: If this Classic Sonic is from another dimension which is the main canon that took place before Sonic 4 which is part of the Modern Sonic canon, WTF is Sonic Forces taking place? Don’t tell me they’re doing another canon retcon from 2006 all over again?

          I know it’s $40 with free Day 1 DLC/Bonuses But it’s telling me that Sega is already doing some apology notes right before this game, like they know it’s gonna disappoint us somewhere.

      2. They have released trailers with different stages for the past 3 weeks. Casino Forest was revealed. Chemical Plant was revealed. Tag team was revealed. There have been a bunch of reveal trailers since Mania was released, I’m not sure what you mean by the same stuff.

        When I said separate arc, I meant it’s still a part of the story, which is why Classic Sonic is a part of the original reveal trailer for the game. The only reason I said separate was because the three stories aren’t done in unison, meaning all three characters aren’t together at the same time. Classic Sonic is doing something apart from Modern Sonic and Avatar. Hence why you only hear Tails in Classic Sonic stages.

        And I’m trying to guess if you’re a Sonic fan or not, but in case you aren’t, it’s no surprise that Mania and Forces are related. In the sense that the Sonic from Mania is the Classic Sonic from Forces. Also the stone in Mania is the same stone in Forces. Meaning that Forces is a direct sequel to Mania. So no, it’s not the same as ‘06.

        Also, although I do agree with your multiple characters argument, it’s blatantly obvious that Sonic Team doesn’t want to repeat ‘06 again. Meaning ‘06 had multiple characters and all these different play styles with Tails, Knuckles, etc.

        Now this doesn’t mean that they can’t do it the as Sonic Adventure was done which still isn’t perfect, but they’re playing it safe to keep the series alive after their mistakes.

        And Wisps have become a part of the Sonic universe since Colors. They’re canon, they’re basically the Flickies of the Modern Sonic universe, and they’re here to stay. I don’t see an issue with them being in there. Doesn’t mean there isn’t an issue, but I’m really trying to look at this game at all angles since I barely finished Lost Worlds and don’t want to go through that again.

        It’s really looking like you don’t like Sonic and just want repeats of old games like maybe Genesis or Adventure, rather than a new formula. I could definitely be assuming wrong here and I apologize for that. I’m just not entirely sure what you’re expecting is a Sonic game.

        1. Even the fans are getting sick of seeing Wisps in every 3D game since Colors. Especially when they like the old school power ups like speed shoes, shields and shit.

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