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Nakamura: “I Really Want To Make Samba De Amigo On The Switch”

Eurogamer has just published an extensive interview with Shun Nakamura, game designer and producer at Sonic Team. Nakamura was asked about the super-fun Samba De Amigo franchise and about a Nintendo Switch version, to which he replied that he would absolutely love to make the rhythm game for Nintendo’s latest platform.

Shun Nakamura: I really want to make Samba de Amigo on the Switch.

It’d be amazing. I wouldn’t have to pay quite as much money as I did for the Dreamcast version back in the day, too.

Shun Nakamura: I really, really want to make it! This is coming from someone who had to make physical items you had to buy and plug into your console in order to play Samba de Amigo at home. When the Wii came out, there was only one Wii Remote, and you had to buy another one. You could still do it, but it’s a bit of a hurdle to get over. The first time I saw the Switch, I thought oh my god – this is it! You don’t have to buy another peripheral, you don’t need to buy another controller. I’m really, really interested in that.




    1. Yes. It’s a rhythm game like DDR or just dance, only, you’d point and shake the joy-cons in 3 different points each, like a pair of maracas, and obviously, with an absolutely delightful Latin/South American Flair. You’d be shaking it to classics like Mambo No 5, Pon de Replay, Tubthumping, Jump in the line, and so on. However, the previous Samba de amigo for the wii forced you to use these controls, and didn’t do so well because of it. The best version for switch would let you choose between motion and button controls.

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  1. More returns from underused sega IPs on the switch would be fucking amazing. It’d be dope to see Jet Set Radio, Nights, Samba de amigo, Space Channel 5, Crazy Taxi and hell even Seaman make a comeback.

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    1. Jet Set and Space Channel 5 deserve to have another chance! I thoroughly enjoyed those games on Dreamcast. Crazy Taxi would be a perfect fit too although I was never very good at it lol. I say bring on all these Sega classics. They’ll fit right in with the Nintendo IPs currently available on Switch.


  2. If you’re going to do a Samba de Amigo game on the Switch, make it an actual sequel. An updated port was fine the first time, but this franchise needs to to grow, instead of being a Latin Just Dance.


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