Here’s An Extensive Look At Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp On Android

We found out more details about Nintendo’s Animal Crossing title for iOS and Android yesterday during the Animal Crossing Direct. The game is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and is due to be released for those two platforms sometime in late November. However, the game is available on the iOS and Android app stores in Australia right now. YouTuber Tilmen has captured some footage of the Android version of the game which you can check out below.


  1. The game is beautiful, I’ll try it out when it releases, if it comes to Brazil of course..
    Oh, I was wondering if they used the same models from the 3ds title, but with some polishing..

  2. I guess it’s goodbye to any chance of Animal Crossing on the Switch then lol. The world as we knew it is no more. Nintendo flagship games on phones, people. It is real and happening. Game over.

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