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Famitsu: Sonic Forces Received A Review Score Of 35/40

The latest edition of Famitsu is out now and contained within it is a review for Sonic’s latest 3D adventure, Sonic Forces. Despite some gamers concerns, the publication has awarded the game a more than respectable 35/40. As with all Famitsu reviews there were four reviewers who totalled their scores.


    1. It’s Famitsu, they always score so much shit higher than expected. I’ll wait until the rest of the reviews come. I already saw the leaks and I’m not impressed or intrigued the slightest, unlike Mario which manage to surprise me with so many unexpected stuff. :)

      1. ||They are just another cattle base which does not interest me at all…||

    2. Right? I’d thought it be lower honestly, this is my opinion but I originally was hyped for the game but classic sonic and the custom sonic boom ish characters and gameplay then hurt it. Then the edge Lord infinite and his them really killed my excitement.

      I was so happy to see chaos though. Loved the first adventure game and unleashed because they had exploratory levels and hubs

      1. I think Infinite looks awesome. *listens to his theme* Kickass theme, too. Sonic could honestly use more darker characters & themes. There’s a point when even something meant for kids should be a bit darker to show kids the world isn’t all fun & rainbows.

      2. Where are you getting these beautiful pics from on a sidenote I rather for sonic to stay a normal style and stop trying to be to serious because it just comes off cheesy sonic personality is more like that cool cheesy one liner guy I know he has more personality, but his personality and seriousness doesn’t work all the time, what I mean is they can have serious in The game but it needs to be balance out like unleashed I love that game and I still own it and play it to this day

        1. A dark story doesn’t have to be serious to still be dark. That’s why black/dark comedy is such a thing.

      3. ||What made this weapon worthless to me is the fact that it went from something seemingly original into looking like Sonic Boom again in some ways…||

  1. I’ve never considered famitsu to be a reliable review outlet. Seems like they score everything highly. I hope it’s good, but I’m still not convinced. The custom character gameplay in the demo was crap, very clunky feeling. I’m going to dread every time the game forces you to play as it.

    1. Oh my god, I agree 100% with the custom character gameplay, it was so unbearable. Which is really disappointing because it was such a great concept to put in a Sonic game and SEGA executed it pretty poorly.

      Now I’m starting to think that it was just add to Sonic Forces just to shut up the people who kept begging them to let them create their OC in a Sonic game.

      I hope they patch it in the future. Some Sonic fans are buying this game because of the fact that they can create their own character and while I’m sure they’ll be okay with how it is already, they deserve to have a better experience than the state this mode is in currently.

      1. 26 out of 40? That’s middle ground, honestly. Low would be 15 or less.

        1. Low ground would be a failure. Middle ground is mediocre.

        1. Here are the 4 individual scores for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric on Famitsu: 6/7/6/7. Now tell me? Does 26/40 still look low to you? It’s not. That’s clearly middle ground/mediocre. Sure Sonic Boom turned out to be a failure to a lot of people, myself included, but those 4 scores felt otherwise to the reviewers.

      2. @Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King {Sony+Nintendo=Sonyendo!}

        “Mediocre” is still a failure.

        That’s like getting a 50-59% on a test, you’d still get an F.

        1. Well these scores aren’t going by numbers up to 100 but up to 40. Your comparison is wrong.

      3. @Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King {Sony+Nintendo=Sonyendo!}

        Did you skip math lessons when you were a kid?

        Whether the total score is 10, 40, or 100, if the rating only goes about half way through it’s still about 50%.

        And on Famitsu’s case, Sonic Boom got an overall score of 56% if you converted the score to the scale of 1-100. And if it was converted on a 1-10 scale, it would be 5.6.

      1. don’t worry XD, I dont take one review and take it as fact. Who would be stupid enough to do that? Nah, it’s just great to here something positive after so much negativity for the game.

          1. nah… nah, idk what you been hearing from your friends and your community… but nah, its straight up “Sonic is gon be complete ass bruh XD” over here

            1. …what? And no, I don’t take people’s opinions like that. I saw the leaks and not even remotely impressed plus the whole “war” scenario with Infinite’s so called “superiority” is bullshit.

  2. I want to be hopeful from this, but Famitsu can be… alarmingly generous with their scores. Remember, these guys gave Kid Icarus Uprising a perfect 40 years ago even though the control scheme was awkward and could give you carpal tunnel. Uprising was still great, but it wasn’t perfect. I would take this with a grain of salt.

    1. The control scheme of Uprising sucked for me. Once I cleared the story, I got rid of it. Never playing a game like that again. I’ll just watch some videos of another person playing it so I can see the story.

  3. If most reviews & user reviews all agree the controls are at least good, I’ll get this game no matter how dark the story is. I enjoyed Shadow the Hedgehog so a darker Sonic story would be right down my alley.

    1. I’d buy an HD remaster of Shadow the Hedgehog on the PS4, or maybe even on the Switch if the GBs are low enough, in a freaking heart beat.

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