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Super Mario Odyssey Is The Best Reviewed Game Of 2017

This year’s been a pretty good one for Nintendo fans in terms of the quality of games available to play on Nintendo platforms, specifically on Nintendo Switch, which is equipped with the two highest-rated games of 2017. They are, of course, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the recently-released Super Mario Odyssey. According to review aggregator site Metacritic, with a metascore of 97, the latter is the best reviewed game of the year.



  1. While i liked the game, I think everyone is over scoring this game. its really fun, i will give it that but its not bast games of all time kinda game. I think breath of the wild is way more deserving of that title. That redefines an entire type of game, and is still enjoyable today (i recently put another 20 hours in my 140 hour save data without the dlc after not playing for a while, i have barley put 20 hours into Mario odyssey and im almost done with the game) Mario is a great collectathon game but not genre defining like breath of the wild.

    I know its an unpopular opinion but i dont care

      1. Ah okay, I’m just tired of people judging the game saying it’s not that great even though they haven’t even beaten it yet and seen how amazing the post game is… You’ll know when you get there :)

      2. So i beat the boss and played another 3 hours today and my opinion has changed to I think odyessy does get the praise it is getting but I still think the review scores are a bit high, breath of the wild is still the better game in my opinion, just because how suprised i was with the game and how much fun i had with it ( its the first single player game i put over 100 hours in without online)

      3. I beat ithe game along with the 250 power moons post game part and while I did enjoy it, I agree that breathe of the wild deserves the best reviewed game of the year because of the sheer amount of content that last about 40+ hours compared to the 10 hours for odyssey

    1. I’ll go further with an unpopular opinion:

      I still prefer the Galaxy games. I will admit I haven’t beaten it yet, but Odyssey could dethrone 64 and Sunshine.

      1. I will go further with an even more unpopular opinion. Super Mario 3D World was better than all the other games you mentioned.

      2. “Now that’s too far.”

        For clarity in my perspective, I much prefer the format and structure of 2-D Mario, which 3D World took directly. I’m unlikely to prefer “find X number of shiny thingies” games over traditional level with a goal designs. I prefer the goal to be clear and the challenge being in getting there, not to wander around not knowing where you’re going, with the challenge being in exploration and figuring out what exactly the game wants you to do.

      3. “The Galaxy games also had a pretty clear goal for a vast majority of the stars.”

        And I would rate them higher than the Mario games that don’t. Though not as highly as the games where you aren’t forced to stop what you’re doing and go collect an arbitrary number of shiny things.

        “Same goes for the story based moons in Odyssey.”

        Which are in a decisive minority of the moons in the game. The hat rooms are great. The dropping 50 coins to know where the next moon is, less so.

      4. I get that you don’t like exploring but really? I’ve got over 300 moons and have only bought a hint once.

      5. I’ve spent considerably more, but the reason *why* you don’t need to spend coins on hints is part of the problem. There’s essentially no challenge factor in collecting most moon beyond stumbling across wherever they’re placed on the map. The hat rooms are an exception. That’s more my cup of tea. Clear goal, usually a noted legitimate challenge to get across the room. So much of the game though is “Here’s a pile of stuff in a big tray, pick out all the moons”. They aren’t hard or interesting to get, there’s just a lot of them.

    2. Not even BOTW, they are very good games but there is the ‘myth’ that those games must surpass anyone so they will. Reviewers are complacent, though I don’t blame them. They are still very good games that deserve a very high position on the chart. Definitely Super Mario 64 and Ocarina are untouchable.
      Daggerfall, Captain Blood, etc. aren’t considered in that chart so it’s fine for me.

    3. I haven’t even played Odyssey but I feel you already. BotW is on a completely different level genrewise. the whole way BotW shifted paradigms is just not comparable. I see Odyssey being a really really good Mario game and if it manages to impress me even more than Galaxy 1 did back in the days, it’d would already be good enough. And sure, it might be even better than that. Still BotW was never described as the best “Zelda game since …blah”. It changed the formular so hard, it just got described as one of the best videogames ever.And after way more than 200 hours I couldn’t agree more. And managing this in these days, where 90% of all games feel like nothing but a mix of several other games, is just so impressive, especially with a huge brand like Zelda.

      Mario never needed to be reinvented like that, so they just improved the hell out of it and obviously succeeded. Bit it’s not the same. It might be “just” an evolution like MK8(D) might be over MK7. Which then again was also so insanely great, I bought that game twice.

      1. My first Mario game was Mario galaxy and I played that game hours on end so that’s my all-time favorite game, I hated the controls on super Mario sunshine. I thought Odyssey was pretty easy and the rematchs between all bosses aren’t that hard especially against the broodals. Like validvalid said Zelda has a ton of content and was actually challenging. Though i don’t expect a Mario game to be too difficult. To be honest, I think to breathe of the wild beats ocarina but the reason it cant be expected to be up there with Ocarina is because of the time when Ocarina came out.

    1. Not sure which other games have been there so far? Assassin’s Creed is ore like a 8.5-9.0 game. Horizon might be a bit better, but still not as GOTY-ish. Biggest competition might really be BotW but as a PS4 owner I barley touched that system this year.

      1. BOTW will beat Horizon Zero Dawn as GOTY and you can take that to the bank

      2. yes I barely touched my PS4 this year. But she ain’t lonely, I gave her to a friend who would take proper care of her. Still there wasn’t that much going on, Horizon looked so damn cool but next to Zelda it felt like you’re really playing on a very artificial world where your actions would have no impact. But the fights were damn nice.
        Still nothing really caught my interest.

  2. I’ve gotten 500 moons and unlocked the final level and I can say my vote goes to Breath of the Wild for game of the year without a doubt.

  3. Came on this site the other day and saw the best piece of advice. Do not go by metacritic but by gamerankings website. The comments on here I am seeing reflected everywhere to ign to gamespot. I’ve played 5 mins of Odyessey so far. And yes it’s just my opinion but I do think breath should to game of year

  4. Sorry all you breath of the wild fans, did you see that final boss? It was a garbage conclusion to the expansive world and lorebuilding they were doing. Ganon’s first form was designed really well – but he was weak as hell.

    Mario Odyssey is a crowning achievement. And it’s better than BOTW.

    1. So true. And you don’t have to worry about cheap deaths and kaizo difficulty. You can actually have fun and take it all in.

      The only thing that would be a cherry in top would be:
      -Mario has dialog/characterization.
      -Luigi as a playable character.

      1. Mario does have dialog but it’s limited. Sunshine should explain why…

        Luigi as a playable character? YES! Hopefully they’ll be a free DLC to add him in the game and maybe make Yoshi playable in all worlds by either classic horseback riding or possession. Sorry, “CAPture”. lol

    2. So Mario might be an overall better achievement than BotW, because you were disappointed by BotW’s final bossfight.

      Well, that’s also an opinion. Of course it’s not worth mentioning that BotW entertained me for about 150 hours on the way to that bossfight. And thanks to ppl like you who spoiled me with how bad that fight was supposed to be I happily didn’t think it was so bad. It wasn’t SUPERIMPRESSIVE but compared to for instance Wind Waker’s final boss, it was definitely more epic and extensive. But sure, it didn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the rest of the game so well, neither did the sucking DLC (so far). But the achievement as a whole is just way beyond everything else. This game had such an impact, people bought more copies of BotW for Switch than consoles.

      1. And his final form…was a much bigger joke than Koopalings in Super Mario World. Broodals put up more of a fight than his giant form that could’ve easily chased and killed me. I enjoy fighting guardians than that fucker.

      1. ||When will you all learn? Dark Beast Ganon was not a true boss, it was basically a gameplay cinematic that lead to his demise…||

      2. Sounds like an excuse to poor end the game in an anti-climatic way. The DLC better make up for it. Damn, Bowser in Odyssey put up more of a fight in the last boss battle and some surprise attacks you didn’t see coming the first time.

      3. Every boss on mario odyssey was a cakewalk, bowser’s “secret attack” was an extra tailspin. The first phase of the final boss in BOTW was good enough for me to forget the second phase. The broodals were pretty much the distant cousins of the kooplaings because the multiple fights against them just made me hate them more.

      4. The Replayed bosses in Zelda were actually challenging. The Broodal rematches were really “difficult’ because they had one or two hats added (what a challenge), you could beat them in two minutes or less.

  5. But Breath of the Wild also has a 97 on metacritic, and that’s from 108 total reviews compared to Odyssey’s 75 total reviews, so Breath of the Wild’s score is more dependable. How can Metacritic call Odyssey the best reviewed game of 2017?

  6. When the Switch was revealed my friend asked me if I would buy it and why, since the whole portable thing doesn’t exactly appeal to me, and I said yes “because it’s Nintendo, it will have Nintendo games” citing how I got a PS2 instead of a GameCube way back then and, while I played a lot of fantastic games on the PS2, I missed stuff like Melee and Double Dash and Twilight Princess with good controls and Metroid Prime 1 and 2 (the Trilogy package was rare af, do you think the NES Mini was hard to get? HA! So naive….).

    This, this right here is what I meant, that is why you get a Nintendo Switch, for that and for more to come….

    1. Yeah, same boat here. And like you, while I had fun with my PS2, I missed out on a lot of awesome Nintendo goodness.

  7. No surprise. It’s already my favorite Mario game. It’s everything I wanted it to be, and how I’ve wanted 3D Mario titles to be for years. However, it’s really hard to pick between BOTW or Mario for which game I like more. I think I have to let Mario sink in a bit more before I can make a conclusion on that. It hasn’t even been out a week. But one thing is for sure, BOTW and Odyssey are the best games I’ve played this year. Persona 5 takes the 3rd spot. Maybe Xenoblade 2 will be able to take that spot.. we’ll see!

  8. I disagree with metacritic claiming this as fact.

    for starters. of the critical reviews. yes they’re both on 97. the big difference is zelda has had just over 30 MORE reviews. 108 to mario’s 75. the fact zelda has maintained such a high score with MORE reviews is more impressive than marios matchiung score from LESS reviews.

    i imagine they split the difference by taking into account user scores. which again based on numbers received is silly. yes mario score is higher than zelda’s. (8.9 to 8.4) but in terms of numbers mario has 1310 user reviews. zelda has 9454. that’s 8 THOUSAND more reviews. so it seems silly to base it on those figures when there’s such a huge difference in the data numbers recorded. if mario manages another 8000 will that 0.5 difference remain ? Doubt it.

  9. Let’s get real for a second here and just agree both games are fantastic. BOTW changed Zelda games for the better for next generations to come, Mario gave us bigger worlds and more to explore than ever before. I’ve completed everything in BOTW except all the korok seeds (of course), all gear, hyrule compendium is complete, quests, horse gear, 500+ seeds, you name it. Probably over 200 hours and I don’t regret a damn thing. Can’t remember putting in so many hours for anything. I’ve beat the last boss in Odyssey and have 400 moons and the nostalgia at the end of the game is beautiful :’), but I won’t judge until I’ve experienced the very end. BOTW in my opinion deserves the title still at this moment.

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